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Seconded. 27-year-old trans guy here finally starting the "right" puberty with the aid of weekly subcutaneous testosterone injections. I'm about as skinny as you and also often mistaken for a teenage boy. Assuming you don't have some sort of androgen insensitivity but are simply not producing enough testosterone on your own, you'll be shocked at how much testosterone will shape your body. Voice tends to start changing fairly quickly, typically dropping significantly within the first few months. If you're working out, you'll notice your muscles growing much more quickly, and even without lifting, you'll likely pick up some extra muscle mass. Body hair will crop up slowly but surely. It may still take some time to grow a decent beard, but with enough time...You could check out some FTM timelines to see what kinds of changes occur with testosterone injections and at approximately what rate. Dosages for FTM folks tend to be whatever will get their testosterone levels to normal male levels, and at that level, changes tend to occur more quickly than typical male puberty. I'd guess you might have a similar treatment and experience.

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I'm at the emergency vet right now with my post-op kitty. There are literally two families here right this moment with extremely sick brand new puppies, both of them from Petland (one has a high fever and possibly pneumonia, the other has some sort of prolapse).

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Testosterone is a magical drug, truly.