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  1. There are many people just as skinny at your age
  2. Are you flexing in that photo?

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Did it feel like a lot of time had passed when you woke up or just the same as a nights sleep?

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Im also really skinny, atleast in my opinion, I have quite wide shoulders but what im self concious about is how skinny my body is. Legs, hips, wrists and waist in particular. I used to swim constantly as a kid up to like 13 years of age. Now I havent been to a beach/indoor swimming pool in over 5 years.

I weigh 65kg and Im 177 tall

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Yes but then again im supposed to be ''normal'' atleast you know why. And I would never have the courage to go to a gym, and I would not have anyone to with, so I would have to go alone

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bet you hate your name now