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Im 25 years old. I am 6'0 tall and weight 123lbs. I eat 3 meals a day, drink whole milk, and exercise off and on. Not much cardio, just push ups and lifts.

My voice does not get mistaken for a girls/young boys. It used to when I was in my teens, but it is just an ordinary voice now. Not super deep, but just a regular voice. I can't grow a beard/mustache. I still have to shave every few days because I get quite a few random hairs here and there, but is uneven and does not look good.

Other than my weight and my facial hair, I am probably just an ordinary guy. I am curious, is getting myself tested and hormone therapy something I should look into? I have been extremely self conscious about my weight for a few years now. I'm sure if I tried really hard to gain some, I would be able to do it, I just know that it will be tiring and pretty expensive. Gaining weight is so much more costly than losing weight. If anyone in this thread reads this, please give me some input.