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Yeah, I base that on having known several transgender men (people who are born genetically female, who decide to take testosterone in their 20s or later so they can live as men). They invariably gain deep voices, facial and body hair, muscles, and all the other attributes we associate with men. It happens fast too, they are usually indistinguishable from other men after just 6-12 months.

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T injections should develop everything except height and hands / feet size, since those only grow while you are younger. At your age, even those things still might be able to change.

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The D Wave device with ~2000 qubits can solve certain problems faster than a laptop. These problems can be solved faster using multi-core desktops or supercomputers, but I think it's impressive that a non-silicon based quantum technology can compete with modern intel processors.

Google says that they will soon have a ~50 qubit gate model quantum computer, with enough precision that it will be able to perform a well-defined (but also useless) task faster than any supercomputer in the world. Their theoretical scheme makes sense, and their experimentalists say it will happen within a year. We will have to wait and see.

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At least they renamed themselves TLC. If the history channel went by its initials then their typical content would be a lot more fitting.

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I don't believe this excuse. For 20 years, the Civilization games have allowed us to make huge maps with more AI civilizations than our PC can handle. This is without mods, and those games have reasonable minimum requirements. A PC at the minimum will only be able to play on small maps with limited AI opponents. Otherwise the turns get unbearable slow, and the game crashes due to low memory at a certain point.