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25 male here. I hope this does not get buried. I am secondarily hypogonadic myself. PLEASE go to an endocrinologist, not a urologist, not an internist. Check your LH and FSH levels. PLEASE. If you are suffering from secondary hypogonadism (a pituitary issue, the boys work fine, they just are not getting the stimulation they need) HCG is a much better option than exogenous testosterone!!! Message me if needed.

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not enough* of the right hormones. Low LH and low FSH levels wont stimulate the testes adequately. Idiopathic means unknown origin. It could be hypothalamic or pituitary in origin and unless you do expensive GRH pulsitile tests, you will not be able to tell. I also don't know if there is any value to doing such tests other than to see if house is wrong or right.