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I've installed this on at least a dozen Android devices belonging to friends and family members. Any time they upgrade and go back to stock, they always come back begging for me to install CM on their new devices.

The new installer will be awesome at reaching out to these people who don't know how to install it on their own. I can't wait!

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My step dad has RCC and will be taking sunitinib soon. Only 48 so this blindsided us. The most soul crushing thing was when my mom told me how remorseful he feels that he won't be there for my daughter who's due in November. I can't stop the tears when I think of this because I know how much guilt he must have. He's the last person in the world who deserves this and in his final moments he still thinks of others before himself.

I hope things work out for both of you. I'm still learning a lot. His RCC is papillary so I don't know how well treatment will be. Cancer fucking sucks

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I was never diagnosed as hypogonadal but I had my suspicions. I lifted hard and got a lot bigger, did a bunch of steroids too and that's when I finally went to the doctor. They helped me get to where I needed to be and I feel great now.

I still cycle on and off but know what I need to do to get quickly where I need to be again. Having regular hormone levels really helps. They'll probably give you an aromatase inhibitor or a topical steroid that you just rub on your body to bring you to where you need to be. It shouldn't be very tough.