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Even outside of those factors, investigators in larger cities routinely ask the same questions from "eye witnesses" until they get the answer they want. Police line-ups are notoriously faulty, both due to memory being way less "solid" than people think and that police will just keep asking until you pick the guy they think did something. Sometimes they don't even realize they are doing this...


Edit: I'll add that I personally refused to call the cops on someone I was not 100% was the guy that mugged me several days before, despite possibly spotting him a few blocks from my mugging. Since everyone's sharing these stories.

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Talk to me about syntax while you gape your balloon knot

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Japanese design has invaded vaginas

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^ This guy gets it. Don't spend the energy being bitter. Too bad more people don't understand that

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That's not very much considering 18+ years of being unable to earn, PLUS the inability to engage in many careers and jobs that aren't viable for someone to learn so late in life.

1 Million dollars of today's money would be 55,000 a year for 18 years. Not factoring Inflation. Of course on top of that the state paid 40k a year to house an innocent man who could not contribute to society.