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Do you see yourself as a man or a woman? Before you found out about this did you feel different than others or that there was something 'wrong' with you?

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What, in your point of view, are the biggest differences compared to other females around you?

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Thanks, I hope you will find a job you love. And I loved the part about your doctor crying and hugging you. It's great to hear that they were really rooting for you!

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Wow, congratulations!

What were you hoping to achieve with the operation since they said it was inoperable?

How did you react when they told you it was all gone? Were the doctors surprised?

What will you do differently with your life now that you had such a scare and that is taken away?

Really congrats! You beat something they told you, you couldn't!

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What are your feelings about it since you only just found out?

Does it mean you will never go through puberty or just later on? What were the signs that made you want to check out if there was anything wrong.

Thanks for doing this ama, it's super interesting!