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It's a real pain in the ass.

Edit; I almost feel bad for getting karma for this, it's kinda ruining my life.

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You'd be surprised how nice it is to not have to poop.

I have IBS, I think I would be in heaven.

Edit; I woke up with a inbox full of comments with suggestions and stuff, for my IBS, thank you all so much! If you are suffering from IBS, I advice you to go trough the comments and if you still have questions come over to /r/IBS and ask them :)

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So, as a 21 year old guy, I'm wondering, how often do you masturbate? Is the growth of your sexual organ (& hair around that area) linked to your hormone disorder?

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Pretty much every day.

Just like any other guy

Thanks for answering!

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All 50 shades of them?