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How has this affected your secondary sexual characteristics? Do you have regular facial hair? Has your voice broken properly?

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It doesn't. The admins dropped us in it and our easiest out was working with an unknown team. We're choosing a different option. We may have to space out AMAs a bit more now and the degree of handholding will also have to be toned down, but we think it's more important to have high quality AMAs rather than a high quantity of AMAs. And for now, we don't trust anyone else to maintain the level of quality we want.

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We wanted to know who specifically was on the team and what sort of accountability they had. We also wanted oversight since they'd be representing this subreddit and being it's public face. The answers have been unsatisfactory thus far. We're willing to work with admin to come to an equitable agreement, but we have some basic requirements that we have to be sure are being fulfilled. I can't really go into more detail without delving into our methods and techniques, sorry.