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el___diablo739 karma

My friend is a gynaecologist.

I joke that in his job at least he deals with pussies, whereas I'm just meeting dicks all day long.

He countered that with 'by the time I see pussy, there's green shit coming out'.

I did not believe him until now.

el___diablo659 karma

I dunno.

Take enough LSD and you may well meet them.

el___diablo658 karma

You realise he bet someone $1,000 he can make you go out and buy him a dart board at 1am ?

el___diablo638 karma

One time, there were two soldiers that tried to run away.

You know your prison camps are bad when it's the soldiers who run away.

el___diablo473 karma

It serves proper North Korean food

Can't help but imagine you being served an empty plate.