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Again, just a medical student, but I believe giving you testosterone will produce those desired effects. Also, and this is probably beyond the scope of my what I've learned so far, but since the problem is not with your testicles, fertility in the future is possible for you. Ask your endocrinologist about this. Keep me posted?

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Right so usually when the testicles aren't producing any androgens they send messages to the hypothalamus/pituitary to stimulate LH/FSH in an attempt to correct the testosterone and sperm levels. In your case since all levels are low, and you never went through puberty, it is called pre-pubertal hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism. From what we've learned, hormone replacement therapy can increase libido and secondary sexual characteristics. Thanks for sharing your story and I wish you the best.

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Medical student and have a endocrinology test in about 2 hours. Do you know what your LH/FSH levels are?

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That would be awesome. Alright 1.5 hours until this test... gotta cram in pathology and pharmacology. Hopefully when we talk again I'll have something good to report as well.