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I did indeed just chuckle to myself.

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I know it's a joke but I bet some guy is seriously considering it.

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50 page essays wtf...about what?

Also for a kid who essentially lived by himself for 18 years, I can't imagine him getting into trouble worthy of punishment. What did you do wrong?

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Don't worry, it's a throw away account. He made it just to be a cynic. Well done on your accomplishment. You've taken a full leap through the door as a programmer which is something most Comp Sci majors haven't done yet.

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software engineering class in second year

It's actually a 4th year class(wouldn't that be obvious?).

make an entire application in like 3 months.

Yeah making something that EVERYBODY makes is REALLY interesting to future employers especially when it's an incredibly basic program.

But honestly at that level most people have hobbies and do their own shit on their own time.

Which means the ones who actually do extra programs because, you know, programming is their hobby are more likely to become better programmers simply because they have more passion.

But I can see you made a account to give bell tummy rubs to anything that impresses you.

Not entirely sure what you mean by this...Are you assuming I'm OP?

Which is not much since you are obviously not a comp sci major.

Lol. Obviously. /s

I'll just assume everything you're saying is an attempt to troll me since, for some odd reason, you can't respond to me on your real account. Alright I'm done bai.