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How is your behavior? Honestly. Do you still behave as an adolescent or child? Throw tantrums? Are you impulsive, easily distracted? Do you still partake in activities or games that would be considered for kids?

I'm a nursing student, and work in child psychiatry, so that why I want to know.

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If I may continue...

How is your relationship with your parents, or whoever raised you? Do you feel they are overly protective of you? Do yall fight often? If so, about what kinds of things?

Also, even though you are 20, I would recommend you don't excessively drink, as most 20 year olds do. I imagine when you get some testosterone therapy and your body goes through puberty your brain will also develop more as with normal children going through puberty, and alcohol use could hinder that process.

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What is your target food cost and labor cost?