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Hey Norm. You have the best Twitter feed. I especially enjoyed your comments on Roseanne last night.

My question: do you think that writing for Roseanne helped you become a better writer or made you see the bullshit that is the entertainment industry? Or both?

Oh, and Dirty Work is the most criminally underrated comedy film of all time. BABY GORILLA!

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Did you use the Charlottesville tie-in thing for clickbait? As far as the Charlottesville subreddit could figure, he was born here and lived here until he was about 4-5. He currently resides about 70 miles away. It was somewhat disheartening to have the city associated with him, when, in fact, he has nothing to do with this area.

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I love Millennium. Even more than X-Files (blasphemy, I know). I think I am one of 38 people who own the DVD box set. That being said, which one did you enjoy writing for more? Did you feel like you could open up more as a writer (new or darker themes) in one more than the other?

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Any concerns about a connective tissue disorder? Marfan syndrome, etc.? Pectus deformities are often a sign of a greater connective tissue disorder. You should talk to your surgeon/PCP about a possible Genetics referral. I'm glad it went well for you.

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You probably want to ask your endo doc about possible Klinefelter syndrome. Just a thought.