Hey, I’m Suzanne Ferrari. I make and direct porn, one of the rare female directors in the industry. I’ve worked in the adult entertainment industry for almost 9 years. My first job was as a production manager for Mike Adriano where we shot scenes for his production, Evil Angel, and Bangbros. Then I spent a few years working behind the scenes at PervCity. And now I have my own production and website, Slut Inspection. I produce the scenes, film them, edit them, etc.

Other interesting things about me: I had weight loss surgery 2 years ago and lost 170 pounds. I grew up near Woodstock, NY. I have a Bachelor’s Degree.

Ask me anything.

Here’s a link to a cool podcast I’m on if you’re into that kind of thing:


Here’s proof: SFW https://twitter.com/suzannexoxo/status/1441057780010401800?s=20

NSFW Proof: https://twitter.com/suzannexoxo/status/1441059024905007106?s=20

Hey all, got to go, but I will check back later to answer more!

No, I don't have advice on how to get into porn.

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check out my youtube channel if you want to see pornstars being real people


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FightingForBacon2834 karma

How does a production company make money when there are so many free sites out there? And with only fans, the performers are handling most of their business themselves. Is there still money in big budget porn?

suzanne29613267 karma

If the sites aren't posting stolen content then some pay a % and other send traffic to paysites where members sign up to pay for porn.

I would say 80% of the pornstars that I know have an onlyfans management company.

attaboy_eleven2219 karma

Apologies if too personal of a question but I found myself wondering few times before, do you/did you found yourself aroused while shooting and do you lose sensitivity regarding seeing people have sex over time?

suzanne29613738 karma

I get very turned on filming my husband fuck other women and I usually masturbate when I'm editing the scenes.

I did lose sensitivity on other sets because everything started to feel cookie-cutter.

Penndrachen1923 karma

What's the most unexpected thing you've had happen on a shoot?

suzanne29613561 karma

I mentioned it earlier, once a girl was fingered so hard that she shit herself all over the porn white leather couch.

nano_wulfen1207 karma

Does the couch just get burned at that point?

suzanne29612339 karma

wiped down with Lysol wipes, we had to finish the scene after she cleaned up

Edit: because people seem confused and don’t read other comment, she took a shower, she didn’t clean the set.

2nd edit: no you can’t see it, no I won’t post a link

haveyoutriedguest549 karma

…. (Looks around the room) That’s a thing?? Like how the hell do you shit yourself from getting fingered? Please go easy on me. I’m a man and I’ve never fingered someone so hard they shit themself because that sounds like it would hurt.

suzanne29611190 karma

she came so hard, that she lost complete control of herself

EhabAlwi1800 karma

I have a Bachelor’s Degree

One question: what did you study?

M4DM1ND1058 karma

Wow I'm an English major and am currently working in the Healthcare industry. Maybe porn is the next step?

suzanne2961788 karma

never say never!

whiskeytango558 karma

Joanna Angel is an English major too! We too a Chaucer class together

suzanne296111 karma

She's mad at me because I like chocolate hummus.

Mdfuntimeguy191562 karma

Do you have a favorite genre you like to watch or produce?

suzanne29613349 karma

I make cuckquean porn because it's authentic to what I'm doing. I film women with my actual husband so there is nothing fake or scripted about what we're doing. I hate scripted porn so much, I hate all of the fake stuff.

throwboinmybed1054 karma

Did this come from an authentic sexual dynamic you wanted to explore with your husband? Or did the filming come first and inspire it?

suzanne29612062 karma

it actually started because we went to a sex club and I had zero interest in other men but got totally turned on watching him with other women

Krazzee661 karma

What were your thoughts on your husband having sex with other women before you actually saw it? Was there ever a time where you would have considered yourself the jealous type?

Edit: grammar and typos

suzanne2961831 karma

We went to a sex club and I had no interest in other men, but I loved watching him. It probably wouldn't have worked early in our marriage.

Krazzee353 karma

Thank you for responding! Hoping you can get a little more specific. I'm very curious as to how your relationship developed to allow for this change

suzanne2961554 karma

We've been married 18 years, so it's been a long evolution

gesk2020942 karma

Congrats on the weight loss, and even more for keeping it off.

Has this transformation affected your work and workflow at all?

suzanne2961763 karma

Thanks, I definitely have more energy now so I get more done.

sm0ke1cs878 karma

I hear all the time that in order to get into porn as a male you have to be willing to start in mm scenes and sell to a gay audience. I sort of get the logic because you have to work your way up, but it's always baffled me. Have you met any male pornstars who started out in straight porn? Do you think the content creator movement with Onlyfans and Pornhub have changed this at all?

suzanne29611235 karma

That's always been a rumor which I suspect someone started to keep other males away from the industry. Not that it doesn't happen, but now it's more likely to shoot with everyone and not be defined by labels.

Like Lucy Hart or Wolf Hudson are great examples of shooting with everyone.

sm0ke1cs371 karma

Interesting! What do producers/agents look for in male pornstars? Is having a toned/athletic body and a photogenic dick all it takes to get started? Or are there any other hurdles that are more complex?

suzanne29612876 karma

producers are only looking for someone that can stay hard for the scene and the cum on command.

My advice if you think you can do it, is to get a group of friends to surround you while you jerk off for 20 minutes and then one gets to pick when you cum and you basically have 2 minutes to do it.

Slatedtoprone617 karma

Have you ever done a scene yourself? Also, how do you direct actors? Are you more hands on before hand or let them handle the scene and make suggestions afterwords?

suzanne29611138 karma

I haven't performed sex in a scene.

Everything we shoot is non-scripted, the only thing I tell the women is that I won't get jealous and to not hold back. I want them to be their authentic selves and have great sex.

InappropriateTA605 karma

It looked like you were using a phone in your verification. Is a lot of porn shot on mobile devices?

suzanne2961793 karma

I still shoot all of our BTS on phones and when I started Slut Inspection we used phones, now I use a Sony Alpha a7S III.

garlic_b601 karma

So, in general, what kind of spread do you have on a craft services table? Or is it more of a bring your own lunch scenario?

suzanne2961793 karma

Water, Pedialyte, bananas, I usually have a bunch of fruit available. My shoots are generally 4 hours so there isn't a lot of eating time.

chrs_89323 karma

One of my friends recently showed me that clip of camera guy feeding the guy actor a donut mid shoot. I assume most of the time it’s more professional than that but it definitely made me laugh. What’s the funniest thing to happen during a scene?

suzanne2961355 karma

I've seen lights fall over, phones go off, etc Maestro Claudio was always joking around during scenes because that's the kind of person that he is, he loves to play the clown. I think at one point he was shooting the camera between his legs.LOL

JUULIEJAN554 karma

You said you film your husband having sex with other women. Has this affected your relationship / sex with each other in any way?

suzanne29611031 karma

I think it's made us stronger, our 19 year anniversary is coming up in December.

Mdfuntimeguy19528 karma

Whats the craziest thing you did as an assistant or off camera?

suzanne29611651 karma

When I was still at PervCity, I ordered one of those "world largest gummy worms" to have to put into a pornstar's asshole. We ended up using it on Lydia Black and that scene even got nominated for an AVN for Most Outrageous Sex Scene.

HellloFreakBitches159 karma

Which flavor was it? Before the shoot?

suzanne2961235 karma

it was green, so I think it was lime

Wisdomlost127 karma

I can't imagine myself looking at giant gummy worms online judging them for how they would appear in someone's asshole lol. Like ok yes this one's big but is it big enough to be shocking to see in someone's asshole. Oh no not that one the purple would look terrible with so and so's skin tone.

suzanne2961291 karma

We had to pick a color that wouldn't have any red for legal reasons.

AnalSweetsplz3 karma

How much did you have to do with all the anal food play in Mike's stuff in the 2010's? It was a fetish I didn't know I had until his videos with bananas, whip cream, gummies, and other sweets were introduced to me. It seemed like a big thing in his videos for awhile and now it seems so rare. I know it's very niche but I'm so disappointed there's not really any mainstream porn production studios that are capitalizing on its current absence. I'm sure it puts the actresses at risk of yeast infections but when they're going ass to pussy I figure it's not the biggest concern, plus I assume they have access to pills that help prevent that kind of stuff

suzanne29615 karma

I had to shop for a lot of the candy, especially the video he did with Bonnie Rotten, I think I spent like an hour in a candy store in LA to get the gobstoppers and stuff.

When we used cupcakes, I would make them, since Mike is Vegan it was easier to make them and make sure they were vegan than buying them at that time.

the_CL38N_civilian524 karma

Do the sets always have that sex smell around?

suzanne29611116 karma

It's those stupid white leather couches that never really get clean, are covered with sweat and lube.

I shoot my porn on my bed and we change the sheets and blankets and it never smells because it's always clean.

HerKneesLikeJesusPlz242 karma

On your own personal bed?

suzanne2961331 karma

yep, clean sheets, pillowcases, and blankets

throwboinmybed520 karma

How has the industry changed over 9 years as free porn has become more and more available? Do you still feel it's a viable career path?

suzanne2961926 karma

It's very different. As social media has taken over our lives, being a porn star became a 24/7 job. Talent used to show up, shoot a couple of hours, and then go home and disconnect. Now they have to be on regular and premium social media non-stop. Many have assistants and teams to help them manage it all.

ScriptUnit117507 karma

How did you get into porn directing/producing? Do you think a newcomer would be best off starting out coming from traditional production? Is California the place to make it big as a porn director right now?

suzanne2961714 karma

I was working at PervCity and started shooting the solo scenes and shooting content for Maestro Claudio so I decided to do it for myself. Newcomers are generally not very welcome in the industry, it's an old boys club. But with the internet, you can do your own thing anywhere and make money.

Mdfuntimeguy19506 karma

Did you usually find when the scene was over that the actor's would still fuck off camera? Any crazy off camera action you've witnessed?

suzanne29611392 karma

Not really, the new normal is that they ask each other to go home and fuck for onlyfans content.

TOBYIT409 karma

What’s your assessment of the pornstars? Are the all damaged/broken from trauma? Or are they pretty normal folks without inhibitions?

Also, where do you find these people? Agencies? Or do you just advertise directly (and if so, where?)

suzanne2961844 karma

Most of the people that I have met are super normal. They show up, have great sex, and then go home to hang out with their cats. Of course, there are a few that have issues with drugs or mental health, but I think that's true for any industry.

For bookings, we only use license talent agencies.

BenderB-Rodriguez405 karma

Hi! have a few questions, hope you don't mind.

  • what does most talent do to prepare for life after porn? or do most not think about it? If someone starts a career in porn are they then "stuck" in the industry for life?

  • We often hear about exploitation of women in the industry, especially of women. What has been your experience?

  • How common is it for someone to shoot a film or a few films, feel significant regret, and never get involved in the industry again?

suzanne2961856 karma

Keep in mind, I really only know mainstream/top models, so someone in porn in FL or AZ might have a totally different experience

Many talent have CPA guidance to plan their exit, they buy houses and invest while they are in their prime. Some go on to direct or produce for big companies.

Exploitation is a huge issue, I've heard so many horrible things. That's why it's important for me to try to change things from the inside.

I would say 95% shoot a couple of scenes, make a quick 10k and I never hear their name again.

meoka2368378 karma

What was something about the industry/making porn that you were completely unprepared for?

suzanne2961735 karma

The paperwork. I was shocked how much paperwork has to be done before a scene.

yParticle363 karma

How much paperwork is done nude? My lifelong fear is a papercut on my dick.

suzanne2961513 karma

lol none, we have to shoot video consent videos with the paperwork so everyone is wearing clothes.

bcatrek373 karma

You wrote in an earlier comment that women exploitation is a huge issue and that you’re working to hopefully fix that.

Could you give some examples on how women are exploited and what you’d like to see done in order to fix that? Is there anything we as consumers should be aware of (like favouring certain channels or brands in front of others etc)?

suzanne2961713 karma

There are some "first time" sites that will hire a woman for a standard boy/girl scene for say $1000 and once she's on set she will be offered more money to do other things that weren't agreed on in advance. But instead of taking no for an answer they will keep asking or offer more money.

I will say that I've been on set where a creampie was not discussed in advance and the model didn't know that it was something that she could get more money for, so I forced a phone call with her agent before we filmed the cumshot.

kuriboshoe317 karma

"just keep pumping, 5 more mins, whatever you do don't cum until I get an answer!"

suzanne2961387 karma

lol, we do take breaks on set. people go to the bathroom, grab water, we break to take photos, etc

SmithRune73525 karma

So is that how men last 20minutes+ in these porn videos? The editing is really good cause I can't tell when they stop to take a break

suzanne296139 karma

Sometimes we don’t stop at all because it just flows.

trog12355 karma

Who do you think should be American League MVP? Shohei Ohtani or Vlad Jr?

suzanne2961388 karma

I don't know what that means. But I live in LA so Shohei Ohtani.

Tsuruchi7110335 karma

What’s the worst incident you’ve witnessed that’s happened on set or behind the scenes?

Obviously no names are expected.

Also what is your favourite sex scene?

suzanne2961684 karma

I had a top award-winning male performer threaten me. That's part of why I only work for myself now.

My favorite scene that I shot? There is an anal scene we shot with Avery Jane where she asked me to fist her asshole after my husband was done fucking her. I had never done anything like that before so it was pretty amazing.

throwboinmybed331 karma

How did you get started in the industry, and do you think that path would be similar today?

suzanne2961539 karma

I came to LA to work at a healthcare company but they got in big trouble with medicare so I needed a job and my husband was a PA for Mike Adriano. I met Mike and he brought me on as his production manager. I worked for Mike for a few years and learned so much from him.

the_junglist152 karma

Mike is a legend! Is he a good dude??

suzanne2961258 karma

He's a great person and an amazing producer. I learned so much from him.

TheMad_Dabber121 karma

How did your husband get into it?

suzanne2961527 karma

He had a friend who asked him if he wanted to make $100 a day looking at naked women.

Pompous_Walrus317 karma

Do you ever show up on camera clothed or not?

suzanne2961482 karma

I do, always clothed.

I'm currently in a scenes with Gia Derza, Rebel Rhyder, and Zerella Skies.

I also shoot CFNF for my onlyfans. (Clothed Female (me) Naked Female (them))

JordFohn273 karma

What is it when chicks squirt in a scene? Is it just them pissing

suzanne2961531 karma

yes, we usually have a ton of water and Pedialyte on set to keep them hydrated

JordFohn231 karma

So they are just holding in a heap of urine and pretend it is a big gush of orgasm juices

suzanne2961540 karma

yep, they usually drink a lot of water so it isn't discolored or smell.

FinChange269 karma

On the business front with so much free porn floating around, what do you see as the features that get customers to subscribe?

suzanne2961408 karma

free porn is usually 10 minutes of a much longer scene, and usually the longer scene is much better, more positions, ect

bkconn264 karma

NSFW Proof: https://twitter.com/suzannexoxo/status/1441059024905007106?s=20

Holy cow! How much "professional" porn is filmed on mobile phones these days? What are the upsides/downsides?

suzanne2961310 karma

A lot, as soon as customers starting searching for "amateur" companies wanted to capitalize on that.

redhead2183263 karma

Do sensual threesomes not sell well? I run the r/SensualMFM sub and it's so hard to find content where the woman is the centre of attention and not just used as a piece of meat. I subscribe to the few content creators that make these type of scenes, but they are few and far between. Which is a shame as so many women like myself love it

suzanne2961244 karma

It takes a very special male performer to do that kind of scene. I can see why it is rare.

b4itwascool262 karma

What qualities do you look for when selecting male pornstars? Female pornstars?

suzanne2961515 karma

I only shoot my husband now because I don't get along with a lot of the male talent. When I'm booking a scene, I choose women that I want to spend time with or that I really turn me on.

CorrectPeanut535 karma


suzanne2961582 karma

Many have ego issues. Many didn't like having a woman on set that didn't want to fuck them.


This is definitely one of the most interesting answers on this post to me. Obviously no pressure to name any names or give specifics that might land you in hot water, but do you have an example of what gives this away when you were on set with this type of person in the past? Is it just blatantly obvious and generic douchey behavior or is there something specific you noticed?

suzanne2961583 karma

I had this theory for long time that most male talent actually hate women and that's how they stay hard, obviously this doesn't apply to all of them, but you can see it sometimes in their eyes or body language, the way they fuck, if they need to be completely dominant.

That's why I couldn't work for other people anymore I didn't want to be around that kind of men or see them thrive in this industry.

misererefortuna255 karma

How has Onlyfans affected the business? and are the reported earnings from Onlyfans often true or false?

suzanne2961559 karma

Onlyfans is good. Some top performers make a lot of money, but that's not the norm.

It doesn't really affect porn because it's a totally different customer, people on onlyfans want to talk and DM and have a personal connection. The people who subscribe to my website just want to watch hot videos and not talk to me.

weedpornography234 karma

But who's the first girl in the NSFW proof tho 👀

suzanne2961259 karma

Alyx Star

wizard637234 karma


suzanne2961366 karma

my director fee is $700 a scene

in you need a location then that's $500

I would also require money to do background checks and have a security person with me


I gotta ask, what's up with all the step-sibling porn? Does incest turn people on? Is it because it's easier to script? I really don't get why it's a thing.

suzanne2961331 karma

it gets made more and more because people search for it more and more. big companies base their scenes on SEO keywords.

dotsdavid184 karma

Do you pick the talent for videos?

suzanne2961389 karma

Yep, since I'm spending the day with them, I choose people that I actually want to be around

StupidFlandrs183 karma

What weight loss surgery did you have? And would you recommend it to others?

suzanne2961310 karma

I had the RNY. I went through Kaiser which has an entire 3-6 month program to prepare you for changing your life. Without that program, I would be lost.

I recommend it if you want to change your life, not lose weight. It's a tool that you have to use every day, it's not magic.

WorstFriendCast182 karma

I'm the podcast host that had Dan and Suzanne on.

Suzanne and her husband Dan Ferrari were so much fun to talk to. I'm skimming these comments and seeing "how damaged are pornstars", "how gross is XYZ", etc questions. Dan and Suzanne are SUPER normal and a great, level headed couple to talk to. They're a great example of people that took something they love and applied it towards a business. Is there any more you could ask for out of life?

YourWorstFriend.com if you want to hear their interview on a different podcast app

suzanne296181 karma

thanks, man!

throwboinmybed150 karma

What's the most fun you've ever had on a film?

suzanne2961298 karma

Every day is pretty great. One of my favorite days was the first time I met Angela White on set for PervCity. We had balloons and everything. She's a powerhouse and so much fun to be around.

techmaster411144 karma

How concerned are you about catching STDs? Are STDs common among pornstars?

suzanne2961261 karma

Everyone std tests every 14 days. So it's not a huge concern.

throwboinmybed125 karma

What are your most popular videos? (And are they your favorite to shoot?)

suzanne2961207 karma

Currently, the most popular is with Gia Derza when I put a leash on her. A close second is Blake Blossom. Although, when I release the new scene with Savannah Bond, that one will blow those away.

I don't have a favorite, I have so much fun when I shoot that they are all like my little babies.

talking_walls_photo104 karma

Where do these luxurious houses come from? Are they rented? And umm does the owner know that he has to clean and disinfect his pool after?

suzanne2961133 karma

Lots are rented, I think it must be a fetish.

samattos97 karma

What safeties do you have in place to identify / prevent substance abuse and help actors with known substance abuse or mental health issues?

suzanne2961317 karma

I've never encountered that for my site. But when I worked on other sets, we would send talent home if they were under the influence of anything. You can't consent if you aren't sober.

Mdfuntimeguy1994 karma

Who was your favorite male and female performers when you were an assistant?

suzanne2961195 karma

Tommy Pistol 100%

I can't name a favorite female performer because they will get mad at me. LOL but I adore Abbie Maley, Lily Lane, Alison Rey, Kasey Warner, Bella Rolland, Gia Paige

maryjewanna92 karma

If you could choose any other career field, what would you choose?

suzanne2961212 karma

I always wanted to be an author, so maybe I'll write a book about porn.

teedo83 karma

What are your thoughts on circumcision in terms of the industry? Also do you find many women in the industry are getting plastic surgery on their vaginas/labia?

suzanne2961185 karma

Labiaplasty is a huge misconception. In 9 years, I've known 3 performers that have had it done. That's out of thousands.

Generally, the American guys are circumsises and the European guys aren't.

Shnoochieboochies77 karma

What is your go to story when people find out about what you do? What really sticks with you even after all the shoots you've done?

suzanne2961115 karma

My go-to is usually pretty gross. One time I was on set and a male performer fingered a female performers so well? hard that she shit herself.

My go-to is usually pretty gross. One time I was on set and a male performer fingered a female performer so well? hard that she shit herself.

SilentJoe198665 karma

Have you ever finished shooting and just to screw with the actors say "All right. Now lets do it again but this time with film in the camera"?

suzanne296187 karma

hahahahah, no but I've heard of shit like that happening with the mic being off

noviceboysurfer55 karma

Have seen a lot of Mike Adriano videos. He seem to be the guy who does way more crazy stuff than what's shown on his videos. Is it true?

suzanne2961111 karma

He pretty much is who he is, you think he's doing crazier stuff than an anal cereal bowl and not putting it on his website?

knightboatsolvecrime55 karma

Are there any pornstars you don't want to work with?

suzanne2961221 karma

Anyone who shoots porn, keeps their stage name to stay relevant/famous, and then says that they regret doing porn.

diver_climber54 karma

What's your favorite pizza and pizza toppings?

suzanne296191 karma

I love cauliflower pizza from Blaze with artichokes, red onion, and kalamata olives. I grew up in NY but Los Angeles has changed me.

Koppite9353 karma

So EEVVVRRYYYY-BODY clicked on the nsfw proof right??

suzanne296159 karma

Looks like everyone. The video has 32k views lol

Squildo47 karma

Favorite food?

suzanne296192 karma


GentPc45 karma

Is the day of the porn 'star' over? By that I mean that, thanks to the internet, will there ever be another Christy Canyon, Jenna Jameson or Lisa Ann or will it just be a revolving door of internet wannabes?

suzanne296195 karma

I would say Angela White or Abella Danger are on that level.

Haywe40 karma

How do you keep yourself from getting turned on from the scene? And how do you deal with it? Do you get a go with the actors off screen?

suzanne296195 karma

I do get turned on, I just masturbate when I edit so I get to relive the day.

I don't do anything with the models off-camera.

jadeskye740 karma

Do you believe you bring something unique or rare to the industry as a female director? What would you like to see more of in mainstream porn?

suzanne296197 karma

I think I've made a lot of friends on sets because talent aren't used to having another woman around who can speak out for them.

I shoot my porn in a combination of female and male gaze because I learned from Maestro Claudio (PervCity) and then added my own thing to it.

I would love to see more diversity, it's something that seems to change slowly in porn. Not just more ethnicities, but more sizes, and not just using them as a fetish.

Belzhaba40 karma

If money was not the main objective, is there a porn scene you would love to direct for pure artistic reasons?

suzanne2961124 karma

I would love to shoot a reverse gangbang, which is generally pretty expensive since female performer rates for BG with GG can be well over $1k each. I would love to see a pile, for lack of a better word, of bodies, loving and worshipping each other.

akernihil39 karma

I don't know how to ask it in a better way because english is not my native language, but, about the "depraved" aspects of kinks in general, and even the industry itself, like humiliation, hardcore, fisting, bukkake... How the actresses get into that kind of stuff? How they deal with that, I mean, do they have to "be" into that beforehand, or it's something that the industry demands and offer a good amount of money anf they're like "well, whatever.' I'm asking that because in my vision, that's a really difficult thing for the image of women, to be put in such a degrading position, even if she's there because she wants. I mean, there's a human behind the actress, with aspirations, family, and stuff... And wanting or not, I think that kind of stuff influences in self esteem and their personal lives.

suzanne296169 karma

Some are genuinely into it, we shot a rough scene with Kaitlyn Katsaros that I needed to do aftercare with her.

Experiment51339 karma

How can men stay active for so long? I'm usually done in a few minutes...

suzanne296165 karma

surgery, caverject, viagra

Inannasi2039 karma

Why are porn actress/actor stage names always so tacky and ridiculous?

suzanne2961142 karma

it needs to be something easy to google that doesn't lead to anything else

ZeroTheAngerPup37 karma

I’m seeing your comments about the cuckquean lifestyle and am so thankful for the cinematic representation. I couldn’t figure out what exactly more I wanted in the sexual side of my marriage(we had a couple of threesomes, but it felt like it was just off for prime getting off, then I found the cuckquean genre, after knowing about cuckholds for years. We’re pretty active in the lifestyle now, when it’s going best/usually, he has a steady, go out on dates friend, and a more casual side, that I can come and go as I please. Our friends know we’re swingers, except it gets a little difficult to explain beyond that. So, thanks for your service! 😅

Anyways, I guess in honor of the topic, I’ll ask our usual Tinder openers:

  1. Best OG Cheeto: Crunchy or Puffy?

  2. Syrup: After opening, where does at home syrup go: in the pantry or fridge?

And finally....

  1. What’s your least favorite bird, and why is it a goose?

suzanne296148 karma

awww thanks, crunchy

like maple syrup, legit from vermont stays in the cabinet but the fake stuff from the grocery store goes in the fridge

I love geese! I'm a little obsessed with birds tbh

71B-112234 karma

Workplace dynamic question: Long ago, I saw a non-porn industry interview w/ an actress who said she got reprimanded by the production team one time for having sex on-set but off-camera with a male actor after they'd been simulating it as extras in the background of filming all day and getting bored/horny. That makes me wonder: as a workplace, what kind of separation is there between sexual activity being 'okay' and 'not okay' for the performers (either with each other or solo)? Like, at what point is it weird if an actor who's not in the middle of filming is just walking around naked? What if two actors are friends outside of work and are more 'comfortable' with their personal space than two who are just strictly co-workers and only interact on-camera?

Just trying to get a feel for what it's like in actuality as a workplace from an HR perspective as much as that might be applicable to the industry. It seems like there's a ton of ambiguous gray area between acceptable behavior vs veering into uncomfortable. Curious how that line gets drawn.

suzanne296165 karma

That would be so unprofessional and her agent would probably have a very heated conversation with the production. If you're hired as a non-sex extra then that's all you should be doing on set.

Senior_Debt_29925 karma

What advice that you know now would you give to your younger self when you started in the adult industry?

suzanne296152 karma

Make your own porn asap. I could have been making my own product this whole time!

Chichigami25 karma

How many male Asian porn actors are there? I swear there's none or very little

suzanne296138 karma

that shoot regularly? Not a lot. Jesh by Jesh is probably the most mainstream but he only shoots for himself. There's a new guy David Lee, but I don't know him.

whitebreadguilt24 karma

So, I love me some high quality porn, am female, live in SoCal and do video production -- if I wanted to get work in the industry (as camera or crew) how would I go about it? How do you know if a production is shady? Or is it generally the director doing most of the production? Not going to lie, the money is a major draw.

suzanne296158 karma

Don't get into making porn for the money. The internet ruined that.

You basically have to know someone who knows someone, most companies don't post job openings.

arcov20 karma

I always wondered when it comes to the porn industry when guys apply to work is there a size limit or requirements you ask for? Douse size matter when it comes to porn movies?

suzanne296151 karma

Not really, there is a fetish for everything. Of course, the big companies that just shoot generic porn generally want big dicks.

Switchmah19 karma

Should someone be worried if he recognized most of the women from your NSFW proof?

suzanne296160 karma

that just means you have good taste

GayAlienFarmer16 karma

You mentioned elsewhere that you choose the talent. Does your husband give a go or no-go to your selections, or is he down to fuck pretty much anyone you pick?

suzanne296136 karma

He'll fuck anyone that I tell him to fuck lol

But I also know his type so sometimes he gets a special treat.

spazzxxcc1213 karma

i had a shower thought yesterday. Is it true that the girls moan like they do to block out any sounds their body may make during the shoot? you almost never hear any of that stuff

suzanne296135 karma

to cover up queefing? I think most moan loudly because they think they are supposed to, it's a vicious cycle.

AggravatingAffect413 karma

A few questions, only if you're comfortable answering.

  1. What are your thoughts on the "orgasm gap" and female orgasms in general? Does your content include real female orgasms?

  2. Do you think that sites like kink.com and it's subsidiaries actually care as much about consent as they seem to at the beginning of the videos they post? (The 3-10 minutes at the beginning of their full length videos where they talk about consent and age)

  3. Does onlyfans help or hurt the industry?

  4. Where can one find porn that's made ethically? But at the same time, isn't just "vanilla" softcore? Do you consider yourself part of the "ethical" side of porn?

suzanne296133 karma

I actually started shoot CFNF where I used a toy on women to get them to orgasm.

Our scenes tend to trend to female enjoyment with a lot of pussy eating, etc

Kink is the shining beacon of consent, they have great communication and checklists, they really know what they are doing. Unfortunately because they are successful people without real bdsm training can hurt others trying to copy them

Only fans is it's own thing, it's a way for customers to connect directly to models

I think our porn is ethical, consent is very important to me. But it is hard to define ethical porn because I see other directors and sites called ethical all of time that I don't personally find ethical.

fasttrackxf12 karma

My wife and I sometimes enjoy erotica together. However, she find a lot of porn off-putting and gross. Specifically, she's not fond of close-ups and the actresses with over-done plastic surgery. How can we find more romantic erotica?

suzanne296122 karma

For me, I shoot what I call "wholesome meets hardcore" it's passionate and they fuck however they want to fuck. If she wants to have her ass gaped, then that's what happens, but if she wants her pussy licked and creampied, then she gets that.

Solar_Cycle11 karma

What stops a few friends from getting together and starting their own porn website? It seems like the industry is gated somehow.

suzanne296122 karma

nothing would stop that. anyone can open a website, and there are places like modelcentro that handle all of the details for you.

nothingonmyback11 karma

How does one become a porn actor/ actress? What are the requirements?

suzanne296122 karma

The only requirement is be good at having sex on a camera.

revanth9410 karma

Is everything for a scene done in a single session? Or does it often span multiple sessions?

suzanne296113 karma

If it's a single scene, it's all done in one day. DVDs are usually 4 scenes so most people shoot that in 4 days, but some directors like Mike Quasar can do it in 1.

Bleizy8 karma

How are you not jealous of seeing your husband have sex with other women all the time? My girlfriend is open for a threesome, but is scared she'll become jealous once we start.

suzanne29618 karma

I enjoy it so I don't. I having too much fun to get jealous.

gorgonzolabaggage7 karma

Any thoughts on the resurgent brand of "feminism" that is very anti-sex work? I've noticed over the past few years an uptick in views that situate porn and sex work as inherently patriarchal, or at least so compromised by the negatives (human trafficking, revenge porn, exploitation, etc) that it's unconscionable. Curious to hear your thoughts as someone who's been behind the scenes in the legal part of the industry.

suzanne296111 karma

SWERFS and TERFS are the worst! They basically infantilize women choosing to make sex work their careers. Things like human trafficking and revenge porn have very little to do with the mainstream adult industry.

Exodus50006 karma

What are your thoughts about Lana Rain's regrets from her porn career?

suzanne296119 karma

regrets from her porn career

I think if she regrets her porn career, she would stop using her porn stage name and not be the new spokesperson for the new playboy app.

IchirouTakashima6 karma

Thanks for all your hardwork. Would you mind answering this question?

How does men in porn differ from reality? i.e. How do men in porn last longer hours before cumming while the average men is said to only last 15 minutes at most? What's their secret?

suzanne296121 karma

I won't name names, but some of the top male performers have enhanced penis pump surgery, some shoot up with caverject, and some take viagra.

Warlizard5 karma

Ever eat at the Little Bear or party at the Pinecrest Inn?

How near Woodstock?

suzanne29618 karma

I have been to the bear. I grew up about 10 minutes away. If you are ever in the Shokan area, I recommend Fruition Chocolate. It's so good!

Thrannn5 karma

why is every porn the same? why dont you try different things?

i dont visit the regular pornsites anymore. its always the same 6minute videos which are 5min blowjobs 1min fake moaning. its disgustingly borning

suzanne296111 karma

you're getting what you pay for if you watch "tubes" those are basically ads to get you to go pay for the whole thing.

my site is something totally different, how often do you see women supporting their husbands fucking other women?

nccum4r3 karma

What’s your top advice for guys looking to start their own amateur production company ?

suzanne29616 karma

That's tough because finding talent would be really hard. Do you have a lot of money to pay talent?

MToboggan_MD3 karma

How well will the Rams do this year?

suzanne29613 karma

Oh man, I hope they do well. I don't have season tickets anymore but I wish I did.

SlimshameyEU2 karma

Do you ever have arguments with your husband as he fucks other women in front of you?

suzanne29613 karma

No, I love it!

BLMdidHarambe2 karma

Who is the actress at 0:52 in the NSFW clip?

suzanne29613 karma

blonde? Lily Larimar.