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He wants to get exposure to get more follower/Patreons to make money.

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You can also do the fast track and have your Mother-in-law live with you for 2 years.

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Best-selling by what metric?

Once you've "started up," why would you need to continue to run crowdfunding campaigns instead of being able to fund your own R&D from profits?

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What is your opinion on the human suffering and exploitation that is ongoing in Israel and the occupied territories?

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Sorry, but I think you know that's a complete BS cop-out answer.

Sure, launching on crowdfunding is much more 'palatable' because you have to raise capital. Continuing to crowdfund would make me think that you either aren't managing cash flow/working capital properly, or you just want to hold onto your capital and push the risk to others.

It's "in your DNA" to let faceless masses contribute funds and ideas and bear the financial risk tied to a product's success/failure instead of investing your own capital?

So you get some free talent from, say, a group of graphic artists because they are "loyal and creative" fans and instead of having them on payroll with benefits, you just have to compensate them with a handful of special edition/signed/whatever products, if that product gets made?

Come on.