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What is your opinion on the human suffering and exploitation that is ongoing in Israel and the occupied territories?

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What resources would you recommend for someone that is trying to design puzzles?

Do you just come up with things from movies/books/games/DnD like you mentioned below? Are there communities or guides that I could join/read to come up with my own puzzles?

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Not sure what fraternities/secret societies you claim to know about, but I would be interested to hear more about your assumption.

I have never heard of that kind of tactic/behavior/tenet associated with fraternities or secret societies.

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Unfortunately, though, fuck Facebook.

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Sorry to be a negative Nancy but I have a few questions.

Is there any liability coverage if you weren’t able to carry to term?

What about liability coverage if the pregnancy caused complications resulting in your death? Or is that up to you to get term life insurance?

What about liability coverage for complications during the pregnancy that would have prevented you from conceiving or maintaining a future pregnancy?