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I hate to admit it, but making one exception opens the floodgates. There's something about trademark law (I remember reading about Mojang's Scrolls vs Bethesda's Elder Scrolls) where if you don't take certain steps to protect your trademark, you actually make it harder on yourself to protect your trademark in future disputes.. or something like that. So corporate lawyers (who don't care about the love that goes into making a fan-made project) will just shut everything down to be safe.

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What is the best way to purchase your book to ensure you get the largest % possible?

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What's the source on this? I would love to see the two of them meet!

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My wife and I are very close to retiring in the country and starting a little self-sustaining hobby farm. I've made mead in the past, but wanted to really dive into handmade bread and cheese and fruit meads on our little farm. Your book sounds right up my alley!

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Is it just me or was this kind of the worst AMA ever?

He answered about 20 questions and even then kept them incredibly short, barely answering the question that was actually asked in some cases..

I loved the guy in Sherlock, but wth?