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One of the best managers I had said he had one job when he was hiring people. Making sure we don't hire an asshole. His belief was one bad apple would do more to undermine the team than anything else. Do you believe that? And what do you do when you inherit a team that has an asshole or two?

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He's not a Saudi (well known for hiring people to smuggle out serious offenders). As far the embassy in concerned at most he serves another 2 months and then goes home. That's not worth an incident.

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He'll serve the rest and be deported. Or will survive the appeal... and be deported.

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though some other magistrates have been more than happy to call out the police by stating in no uncertain terms that officers have lied on the stand (yet the DOJ has refused to charge any of those officers with perjury, of course)

I hear the same complaints form my defense attorney friends in the US. It can be laughably easy to catch them in a lie. There's never been any consequences for the officers.