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IchirouTakashima6 karma

Thanks for all your hardwork. Would you mind answering this question?

How does men in porn differ from reality? i.e. How do men in porn last longer hours before cumming while the average men is said to only last 15 minutes at most? What's their secret?

IchirouTakashima3 karma

How old is too old for learning to code?

I'm a 26 year old washed up computer engineer who ended up being underemployed to a job that barely pays and is totally unrelated to my degree because I really need money during those days. My coding experience has totally rusted up down the drain. I can barely call myself a computer engineer anymore.

Am I too late to learn? Seeing, rather reading posts from persons like you makes me want to change my path for a better one.

What do you think? Do I still have a chance?

IchirouTakashima1 karma

Hoping your answer. What's your take in the saying, "they're just big house cats". Is it really true?

IchirouTakashima1 karma

Thanks for answering. This is such a new insight for me. I didn't know about this, rather, I didn't know it was this complex. I sure learned something new today.