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I get very turned on filming my husband fuck other women and I usually masturbate when I'm editing the scenes.

I did lose sensitivity on other sets because everything started to feel cookie-cutter.

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I mentioned it earlier, once a girl was fingered so hard that she shit herself all over the porn white leather couch.

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I make cuckquean porn because it's authentic to what I'm doing. I film women with my actual husband so there is nothing fake or scripted about what we're doing. I hate scripted porn so much, I hate all of the fake stuff.

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If the sites aren't posting stolen content then some pay a % and other send traffic to paysites where members sign up to pay for porn.

I would say 80% of the pornstars that I know have an onlyfans management company.

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producers are only looking for someone that can stay hard for the scene and the cum on command.

My advice if you think you can do it, is to get a group of friends to surround you while you jerk off for 20 minutes and then one gets to pick when you cum and you basically have 2 minutes to do it.