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I can't imagine myself looking at giant gummy worms online judging them for how they would appear in someone's asshole lol. Like ok yes this one's big but is it big enough to be shocking to see in someone's asshole. Oh no not that one the purple would look terrible with so and so's skin tone.

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When you hear hooves you think horses not zebras. Women can be abusers. No one is saying they can't. They are the minority of cases by a substantial margin though. To try and make it seem like society at large is wrong or being unfair to men by assuming its a man beating a woman issue when domestic violence is brought up is disingenuous.

Edit: I'm replying to a comment that is a reply to a comment that is advice for woman. The comment i am replying to is insinuating that because someone is giving a sign for women it means that men are not abused. You can stop replying to me now about how I am ignorant because abuse against men is real and I'm somehow denying that with my comment. My comment specifically relates to how people assume its a man abusing a woman when you mention DV. thats all.

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Did you expect him to write a political socioeconomic book about Venezuela here in the ama?

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It's like you made a little version of your self and hurled it into the future. You teach it everything you know but let's be honest it hasn't worked out that great for you so this plan will probably fail too but hey there's a chance right?

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I believe your always going to have a hard time finding that because the target audiences for porn are male. Im not saying males don't enjoy or participate in passionate gentle love making but its kind of the standard for sexual activities and when your trying to get views for something you generally don't want to show something everyone already has or seen. A baseball bat used as a dildo in a woman's asshole will get more clicks than a scene that looks like it was taken off the cover of a romance novel. Rougher styles of porn tend to do better because it is a fantasy your selling and most men will never have participated in a hardcore no limits train.