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ZeroTheAngerPup37 karma

I’m seeing your comments about the cuckquean lifestyle and am so thankful for the cinematic representation. I couldn’t figure out what exactly more I wanted in the sexual side of my marriage(we had a couple of threesomes, but it felt like it was just off for prime getting off, then I found the cuckquean genre, after knowing about cuckholds for years. We’re pretty active in the lifestyle now, when it’s going best/usually, he has a steady, go out on dates friend, and a more casual side, that I can come and go as I please. Our friends know we’re swingers, except it gets a little difficult to explain beyond that. So, thanks for your service! 😅

Anyways, I guess in honor of the topic, I’ll ask our usual Tinder openers:

  1. Best OG Cheeto: Crunchy or Puffy?

  2. Syrup: After opening, where does at home syrup go: in the pantry or fridge?

And finally....

  1. What’s your least favorite bird, and why is it a goose?