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You wrote in an earlier comment that women exploitation is a huge issue and that you’re working to hopefully fix that.

Could you give some examples on how women are exploited and what you’d like to see done in order to fix that? Is there anything we as consumers should be aware of (like favouring certain channels or brands in front of others etc)?

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Is your answer to be understood as, USA: obnoxious Sweden: Privileged France: Nice ?

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(1) If you were to explain your PhD thesis to your kids, what would you say? How would you explain it? How would you justify the existence of it? (2) What was you actual PhD on? (adult version)

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I realize that while you're leaving a disclaimer about your answer, it's obvious to me that OPs question is about love - not sex. If he is still attracted to his wife it means (to me at least) that he is still in love with her. And as long as he is just that - there is a possibility that most other women will only be interesting for the novelty factor, but not for a more serious relationship (since that space still seems to be occupied by his former wife).

My recommendation would be to spend time alone, come to terms with yourself and your feelings, and be ok with being alone (if going back to the ex isn't an option). Having many different partners isn't going to solve anything when real feelings are involved. After a painful breakup I myself was single for two years with minimal sexual contact with others. I learned so much about myself and gained more self-esteem and was afterwards finally able to love another woman wholeheartedly again. Being alone sent me on a journey of self-discovery that I never thought was possible.

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What's your opinion on the prequel's low quality in terms of acting, character development and overall story? Will it have any lasting impact at all? How did you react when Eps. I, II and III first came out?