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Hi! have a few questions, hope you don't mind.

  • what does most talent do to prepare for life after porn? or do most not think about it? If someone starts a career in porn are they then "stuck" in the industry for life?

  • We often hear about exploitation of women in the industry, especially of women. What has been your experience?

  • How common is it for someone to shoot a film or a few films, feel significant regret, and never get involved in the industry again?

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Hi Dr. Belk. I work for one of the billion dollar Healthcare companies, on the IT side. I have 2 questions for you

1) what have you found to be the single greatest waste of money in the Healthcare industry?

2) what can someone in my position do to best help fix this incredible problem?

I'm just a little guy in the big company, but I'd like to think I can do something to make a positive difference.

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I Live in the US. With congress being pretty much useless, the major isps doing everything they can to stop competition for providers, the nsa collecting everything on our computers and phones, the government and isps trying to limit our access to information and content, and a government that in general openly violates our rights for "security" what is the best thing that I as an individual can do to counter/stand up to all of this in an effective way?

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How hard is it to look your co-commissioners in the face every day knowing they sold out the American people? and possibly (likely) are covering up their conspiracy to hide the public outcry and backlash.

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did you suffer any immediate or long term health effects from riding your bike in the nuclear rain or swimming in the contaminated rivers? did any of your friends or family?