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AnalSweetsplz5 karma

TIL Mike Adriano is a vegan.

Thanks for the reply and supplying the treats for all those amazing buttholes.

AnalSweetsplz3 karma

How much did you have to do with all the anal food play in Mike's stuff in the 2010's? It was a fetish I didn't know I had until his videos with bananas, whip cream, gummies, and other sweets were introduced to me. It seemed like a big thing in his videos for awhile and now it seems so rare. I know it's very niche but I'm so disappointed there's not really any mainstream porn production studios that are capitalizing on its current absence. I'm sure it puts the actresses at risk of yeast infections but when they're going ass to pussy I figure it's not the biggest concern, plus I assume they have access to pills that help prevent that kind of stuff