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What is your go to story when people find out about what you do? What really sticks with you even after all the shoots you've done?

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Thanks. Bet you didn't see that shit cumming. Good luck with your endeavours in the future.

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Hey u/meigom you strike me as a very humble, honest person, thanks for taking the time out to do an ama and congratulations on completing your world tour, must have been quite a trip. For someone who has a really upbeat, optimistic view on things ,what moments were the real downside of your travel? What moments made you feel like you could not carry on??

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Hey man, hope you are well. How much space does your past time take up, does it fit in a garage? Do you need to lease a warehouse? Also, who has been the inspiration to you to start this inventing. All the best, keep up the good work.

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Hi, what happen to the THC in a process where CBD is isolated? Is that how it works?


Could you make a chilled fizzy juice dink that could get high?

Thanks in advance.