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How does one become a porn actor/ actress? What are the requirements?

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Hey, thanks for doing this!

How important do you think certificates from online courses are when creating a resume, especially the ones that aren't very prestiged, like Udemy? I've been learning programming and data science since the pandemic started and I have three of those certificates on my LinkedIn and they are also listed in my CV. Do you think recruiters overlook those because they are easy to get since all you have to do is watch a bunch of videos or is it something worth sharing, along with a portfolio, in my case? Should I aim for a more valuable course? I'm from Brazil, if that matters.

Also, as a Brazilian thinking of moving out in the future, what small changes could I make to my professional profile to be seen as a valuable person by an international company, if any?

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I've yet to write my cover letter. I always forget because most employers usually ask for the CV and never the cover letter haha

But I'll look into it and will definetely take what you said in consideration. Thanks!