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akernihil39 karma

I don't know how to ask it in a better way because english is not my native language, but, about the "depraved" aspects of kinks in general, and even the industry itself, like humiliation, hardcore, fisting, bukkake... How the actresses get into that kind of stuff? How they deal with that, I mean, do they have to "be" into that beforehand, or it's something that the industry demands and offer a good amount of money anf they're like "well, whatever.' I'm asking that because in my vision, that's a really difficult thing for the image of women, to be put in such a degrading position, even if she's there because she wants. I mean, there's a human behind the actress, with aspirations, family, and stuff... And wanting or not, I think that kind of stuff influences in self esteem and their personal lives.