Hi, I'm Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry. We just shipped Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded, one of the largest video game Kickstarters ever. Ask me anything about the Kickstarter process or Leisure Suit Larry. I'm here with Britton Mathews who led our Kickstarter process. Between the two of us, you can ask us anything about last year's Kickstarter campaign, the game, the rewards process, or our prowess with young women.


UPDATE: It's been fun, you asked a lot of great questions, and it's been over two hours! We're going to call it quits. I hope you'll visit https://www.replaygamesinc.com/store/index/products/item/leisure-suit-larry-reloaded

And tell your friends to buy a copy of the game. We need your help!

UPDATE: I'm amazed by the number of questions I've gotten since we logged off, so why don't I answer a few more questions now?

In other words, I'm back!

UPDATE: A FEW more questions?! Man, you guys are full of questions! I hope I've been entertaining and enlightening. But this has got to end sometime. Thanks for all the fun! And remember: convince your friends to spend a few cents at http://bit.ly/LSLReloaded!

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togamario317 karma

ITT: People with parents that had no clue what their kids were doing on the computers when mom and dad weren't home.

Hey, Al! No question, but I wanted to thank you for making the originals and the remake. Sierra's games are what got me into the IT field to begin with and LSL is a big reason that I started working with some guys you know and used to work with on their new game :) Changed my life! So I can't thank you enough.

Also, I was hoping you would have updated the OJ Simpson related age question to accept either the "professional football player" or "homicidal football player" options.

allowe218 karma

Oddly enough, there is a version of the game somewhere that was updated after OJ's trial so that both answers were correct!

I so sorry that I destroyed your life. <grin>

BeastmanBob246 karma

You taught me about all the different kinds of "lubbers" when I was a child :D. Thanks man.

allowe214 karma

See? Once an educator, always an educator! It's just a different form of education.

Balthanos199 karma

Hey Al,

If I were to have the original floppies for LSL1 could I send them to you for an autograph? I'd pay. Otherwise you can burn them or smear them on your ballsack. Up to you.

allowe365 karma

Ballsack rubbing costs extra, dude!

Psychotron7x2143 karma

All the old games used to show topless women all the time but this one didn't have any of that. Is it not possible to do in games nowadays or was it your own choice?

allowe335 karma

No, it is impossible to create graphics of topless women today. That's why we omitted them.

ithinkimfloatingaway138 karma

just finished the game last night. me and my boyfriend really enjoyed it, though we did have a little trouble figuring out what to do.

any plans to remake freddy pharkas fronteir pharmacist?

oh yeah and we've been making fun of "liquor in the front, poker in the back" a lot. that's like my favorite line now.

allowe101 karma

Remember: figuring out what to do is the whole point of these games! I just hope that you spent enough time to see (and hear) most of the humor we included.

I_am_up_to_something101 karma

Hi! Not a question, just want to thank you for creating the series!

I absolutely LOVED Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! I've been singing it praises to friends who just looked at me weird for liking it. They don't know what they're missing though.

My whole family played it. We had a stack of papers with a walkthrough printed out next to the computer and talked about the game during dinner. I even had to guide my aunt on the phone through some games.

Sure, as an eight year old girl I didn't get all the sexual themes. I thought that Wally was just a weird shaped figure that spoke 'Yeah Baby!' when I clicked on it and would let me show something when I collected them all. I was so wonderfully naive!

The game I liked best was the strip dice. I used to lose on purpose just so that I could play it again.

So thank you. For giving our family a game to bond over! I had been too late for the Kickstarter, but bought the newest game at the release. It looks pretty nice, even if those questions at the start are heavily aimed at USA citizens ಠ_ಠ

Edit: ok, maybe this as a question: how do you feel about underage people playing your games?

allowe120 karma

This is great. What prison are you writing from? <grin>

allowe80 karma

Seriously, I love hearing stories like this. You're right, the questions are America-centric, but then, all of the team are from here. I used to lose at dice, too, but not on purpose!

Fhuzzynator90 karma

What made you bring Larry back?

allowe177 karma

I didn't want to do it but I got a message from God. Or god. Or Paul Trowe.

Psychotron7x252 karma

Hi guys. Loved the game. Cant wait to play more from you. Has Reloaded been successful enough to finance your next game? Any details on it?

allowe113 karma

1 week after shipping? You must be joking! We need everyone to order multiple copies! What's stopping you?

parkcamper50 karma

I just wanted to say that I spent countless hours playing LSL 1-3. Oh, and thanks for making the proof of age verification questions so very easy.

I love you man.

allowe63 karma

Can we get a room on Reddit?

dialdfordesi45 karma

Was The Missing Floppies ever even planned to be a real game? Love your work!

allowe92 karma

Nope. It was always a "work-around" because, at the end of Larry 3, I had painted myself into corner. Larry was happy, employed and married; what fun is that?

darien17440 karma

Hey Al, think you would be able to do a Torin's Passage remake, or possibly doing 2-3 like you had mentioned during the LsL playthrough last year?

allowe59 karma

I originally had plans for Torin's Passage to be a 5-game series, following Torin's life story. And then the bottom fell out of the adventure game market.

KimmoS33 karma

What's the difference between a screw, a bolt and a nail?

allowe81 karma

I know which one I enjoy the most!

kingduu32 karma

Ken sent me.

allowe23 karma

Odd. He sent me, too!

ptrowe28 karma

I luv Al Lowe!!

allowe52 karma

Does this mean I'm going to get paid?

ipitythefool42027 karma

I remember LSL being my first exposure to adult games at the age of 12. LOL.

How many hours did you spend on the original LSL coming up with responses to the usual commands that people might type? I've typed some pretty absurd stuff in order to get an answer. I usually did that whenever I got stuck.

allowe78 karma

LSL1: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards was the first game Sierra ever beta-tested. I captured all the responses that generated a "I don't know" answer and then wrote a response for all of them. It took a lot of hours, but it was sure fun!

StealthMarmot25 karma

What's it like having a job that lets you stay 15 years old forever?

Also, was there a specific person who was the inspiration for Larry or was he just an amalgamation of different stereotypes or tropes?

allowe33 karma

Are you kidding? It's perfect! The fun of writing these games is to behave just like we're in a locker room!

There was a specific person but he will remain nameless. Actually, he'll remain Larry Laffer.

startin-over22 karma

where can i buy lubbers?

allowe37 karma

Not here. This is Reddit!

startin-over28 karma

You mean Leddit.

allowe25 karma


cloudmech19 karma

Where can I send huge sums of money to you for a chance to play this new game?!

GeorgeThaGreek19 karma

Will there be boobs in this one?

allowe35 karma

Of course. The real question is: will they be covered.

SpiderHuman17 karma

Text-based LSL > Point and click LSL.

allowe16 karma

But neither is as funny as Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded! It's the best Larry yet.

sithlord216 karma

The game has shipped and the first reviews are in. Some give it a rather low score, and others think it's fantasic. What lessons did you draw from these reviews, and what do you think you would do different for the next game?

allowe52 karma

The lesson I learned: Obviously, there are no licensing requirements to be a game reviewer!

We can only do the best game we can do. And Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is the best we can do!

whentheredredrobin15 karma

I've never played Leisure Suit Larry, but you're also responsible for Freddy Pharkas, aren't you? I thought my boyfriend was kidding when he said he'd found me a game which combined my love of old point-and-click adventures with Westerns and my job.

So, my question is - you included the Modern Day Book Of Health And Hygiene with Freddy Pharkas to stop people being able to pirate the game without the manual. Does it annoy you now that the manual and game are easily available on the Internet, or are you happy to see that people are still playing it?

allowe31 karma

Annoy me? No. In fact, they're posted on my website http://www.allowe.com . I would far rather people have fun playing my games than have them rot away into bit heaven!

But for anyone who's feeling guilty: use the Tip Jar on my website to buy me a latte. I promise to assuage your guilt!

RichScip15 karma

Any word from Apple on the iOS version yet? Would love to play on my new iPad.

allowe41 karma

Britton: We submitted the game to Apple a couple weeks ago. We are just waiting on them to approve the game.

BrokeWhiteGuy14 karma

Hey Al, I have a quick story involving your game "Leisure Suit Larry" you may find amusing.

I was 19, working at Gamestop (shittiest job i've ever had) Anyways, I was working on a Sunday and the day had been relatively boring like usual. A young kid walks in, goes straight for leisure suit larry, and brings it up to the counter. I inform the young man that I need to see an ID because the game has some sexually charged content, along with some other things.

This guy gets down on his knees and starts begging me for the game. We're alone in the store, and he's literally crying to me saying " I need this game, all my friends are counting on me to get it." blah blah blah etc

I continue to tell him that there is nothing I can do, unless he has an ID or an adult with him I cannot legally give him the game. I see his expression change a bit, he runs outside, and comes back inside with his Father. "Dad, this is the game I was telling you about, my friends are counting on me to get this". "Ok sir, I have to inform you that this game has sexually explicit content, and vulgar language" (and whatever else the game has, I was just reading the content warning on the back)

Without warning...SMACK!! right across this kids face, his grabs him by the arm and takes him out of the store. I was left standing there, with Leisure suit Larry in my hands watching this poor kid get dragged out of my store because him and his friends wanted to Perv a little bit.

TL;DR Kid got smacked for trying to buy your game.

allowe27 karma

At least somebody did a little parenting! But I have to disagree with his methods. And with you for reading the package and losing that sale!! <grin>

timmybarfed14 karma

have you heard about the bit of recent fallout over the double fine kickstarter? do you agree with the kickstarter "blockbuster effect", and do you foresee a negative impact on crowdfunding video games?

personally, I feel like there is a greater sense of something being "owed" in a crowdfunding scenario. and therefore a greater risk of backlash if the community somehow decides you haven't delivered. as you've probably seen, the internet crowd can be quick to break out the torches and pitchforks.

allowe38 karma

How could they get 10X of what they asked for and then only create 25% of a game? I'm glad we were able to actually finish the game in a reasonable amount of time. Hopefully, sales will warrant producing Larry 2.

allowe35 karma

Britton: Games are expensive to create. We went to great lengths to stay on budget and conserve money. The whole process in the end cost roughly 1.25 million. We brought in about 750K from Kickstarter and late donations through PayPal. We had to put a lot of extra money into the game.

AMV14 karma

I supported the Kickstarter as soon as I saw it appear. So glad I did. Thank you for the original memories, and this re-creation. Hope I see more.

1) What do you think was the hardest part of the whole process?

2) What are you most proud of in your careers?

3) Elevator pitch an idea that you want to do, but it would never get off the ground. Go!

allowe44 karma

Thanks for your support!

  1. The hardest part of the process was choosing the right developer. Once we found N-Fusion, things advanced quickly.

  2. Proud? Me?

  3. A game where you can scan your own image into the game and instantly become the protagonist of your own story. I've been waiting for 30 years to see this idea become possible.

Highskore14 karma


Hey Al, you had a huge impact on me, I played Torin's Passage for years, I still boot it up every now and then. This was when I was just a kid playing on windows 95. The unique characters and hilarious dialogue , combined with awesome animation, really made a great experience.Thanks for the memories!

allowe26 karma

You're welcome! I wrote that game for my 9-year-old daughter, so it has a special spot in my heart.

Frogacuda13 karma

What were your thoughts on going back and revisiting something you did 25 years ago? Is it tough to scrutinize your own work like that?

allowe29 karma

I was surprised at how funny the game was. I had forgotten many of my own jokes. What was really fun was improving the game as much as we did.

angryreporter13 karma

First, thanks, Al for bringing Larry back. I'm a Kickstarter backer and I'm enjoying the game. Is there going to be a Larry 2 Reloaded? What do you think of the game reviews?

allowe22 karma

Burning Larry's back? Does he need an ointment?

Glad you liked the game. We hope there will be a #2. It all depends on sales. Be sure to convince your friends to buy a copy, too.

So far the reviews have been interesting, to say the least. I think reviewers aren't sure how to take the game. Their opinions are all over the place. The real important opinion is of the gamers!

Sai_Deschain12 karma

Do you plan to remake The Missing Floppies? An update to "The Missing DVD" would be neat

allowe23 karma

No plans yet. Why create that game and ruin one of the longest running gags in computer game history?

goodgod0012 karma


allowe21 karma

Yeah, baby came from team lunches we had at a local BBQ joint. The owner used that phrase a lot and it because a running gag within the team. It seemed only natural to add it to the game.

bigpsycho11 karma

where all the packages shipped example : collector's edition ?

The game rocks by the way

allowe15 karma

Britton: We are doing that right now. Since the game was part of the prizes, we had to wait for it to be finished before we could start pressing discs. I expect shipping to begin at the end of July or beginning of August.

PeterStormare11 karma

Comedy gold.

allowe21 karma

Thanks, man. I think it's the funniest Larry yet!

woodsielord11 karma

Who sent you?

allowe18 karma

Paul Trowe.

MisterFister211 karma

I remember playing LSL1 when I was a six years old. I didn't get any of the references (e.g. when Larry died after not wearing a dom) but I still loved the game. How do you feel about knowing this?

allowe28 karma

I love it. I think Larry is the perfect way to learn to read. All 6 year olds should play it. And everyone older than 6, too!

bl4ckblooc42011 karma

Where can I find a copy of Torrins Passage? That game is my childhood.

allowe18 karma

eBay? It's now a collector's item.

ihabtom10 karma

Al, thanks for the remake. Really wishing you guys could make a brand new game from top to bottom. Loved LSL:R.

My dad used to have LSL6 in his office when I was a kid. We spent months trying solve that game. Favorite moment was when I figured out how to make a swimsuit out of dental floss. Total gold. Thanks again!

allowe22 karma

Glad you liked it. Tell your friends. We need their money, too!

cha0sman10 karma

Did you expect that LSL kickstarter would be a success, seeing that it has been so many years since it has been released?

allowe18 karma

No. We expected to fail. <grin> Of course we WANTED it to succeed, but we were far from sure it would.

SigmaEpsilonChi9 karma

Hey Al. I never played LSL, but a big part of my childhood was a little-known game called Torin's Passage. I've literally lost count of the number of times I've played through it over the years with my mom and my sister, and a few years ago I even got a chance to relive these memories when I gave my sister a Windows 3.1 VM package I put together with Torin installed for Christmas so we could play it again. Not too long ago I learned that you created this game so you could have something to play with your daughter, and so that other parents could do the same with their own children. I just wanted to let you know that my family was drawn closer together in exactly this manner because of that game, and the images of Boogle, Lycentia, and the eye-fiving snails burn as brightly in my mind now as they did when I was 6 years old. Today I'm a professional independent game designer, programmer, and artist on the verge of releasing my first commercial title, and I can trace a lot of my affection for games back to Torin's Passage. It was the first game I ever played, and one of the earliest experiences I can remember is finishing it for the first time with my mom. Thank you so much for Torin, and I hope one day you get to finish the series so that eventually I may share the experience with children of my own.

allowe17 karma

I hope so, too, Sig. I was always sorry that Torin's Passage came out just as adventure games were entering their "dark ages." It would have been fun to carry through on all 5 games in the series, which was my original plan.

Psychotron7x29 karma

Hey Al, which game would you rather get made first? Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) Reloaded or Leisure Suit Larry 8: Lust in Space?

allowe22 karma

We have the rights to remake my old games. We hope to obtain the rights to make a new game. Therefore, we plan to work our way through the series. Hopefully, by then, we'll be able to work it out to make a new game!

UnreliableWindmill9 karma

How do you feel about two other great games of the same genre and era, Monkey Island and King's Quest?

allowe33 karma

Monkey Island is much funnier.

amateur-proctologist8 karma

What's your favorite color?

allowe29 karma

Leisure Suit white

MumrikDK8 karma

Al, I was three or four years old when I played through that game with my mother. I learned a lot about the English language (I'm Danish), typing and how important it is to use a condom when you fuck a whore. Thank you very much. Now if only I could get "Ken sent me" out of my brain somehow - it must have felt really important to remember at the time.

allowe8 karma

Isn't it funny how some things get stuck in your brain? I've had people all over the world greet me with "Ken sent me!"

didly8 karma

Looks like I missed the AMA, but my fondest memory of Leisure Suit Larry is trying to pass the "over 18" questions to get into the game as a 10 year old. To this day I can tell you what IBM stood for and who wrote "Tiptoe through the tulips" all through countless hours of trial and error.

allowe8 karma

It was just my little way of inserting meaningless trivia into the brains of millions of adolescent males!

Gordias8 karma

Is it true that the game has sold 250,000 copies on PC in the first week? (from a comment attributed to Paul Trowe on a message board)

allowe18 karma

Paul should know.

dargonfyre8 karma

Leisure suit larry was the first video game I ever played. I played it on a black and white computer as a child that probably functioned better for home defense than making computing calculations. Just here to say thank you for making the game that let me dip my toes into the video gaming world

allowe14 karma

You're welcome! Have you played Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded yet? It's the funniest Larry ever!

Mjeck8 karma

The Presidency of Gerald Ford is remembered for?

a. the escalation of the Vietnam War. b. the beginning of the Watergate scandal. c. the decline of inflation. d. nothing much.

allowe10 karma


tralfamadorianMD8 karma

When I was an 8 year old girl, I stumbled across Leisure Suit Larry and the Land of the Lounge Lizards in my Uncle's computer game pile. It took me a while to get into the game because of those pesky questions. But eventually I made it!

You taught me the many varieties of condoms, how to spell "convenience store", the function of blow up dolls, and so much more! I was eventually caught by my father while playing the game... super awkward conversation, let me tell you.

But I just wanted to let you know how much you contributed to my potentially unhealthy sexual development as a child and belief that all men want is a desperate fuck. :P

I guess I should ask a question: Do you feel triumphant or disturbed by how many young women you taught about men wanting nothing but sex? :P

Good luck with the games guys!

allowe15 karma

But wasn't the lesson you learned valid: all men DO want a desperate fuck! And isn't it better that you learn that from a game than from sampling real life?

On the other hand, when you do find a man who wants more, I hope you'll recognize him for that!

Intendant-S7 karma

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

allowe26 karma

Play Angry Birds?

AgentUmlaut7 karma

Is there any specific reason why Larry has specifically $94 to his name in the first game? Is the character inspired by anyone you personally know?

Or is this the moment where you tell us we all have a bit of Larry in all of us?

allowe30 karma

I thought $100 was too common so I took a few bucks away. Simple as that.

Yes, we all have a little Larry in us. Although I don't want that to be taken literally!

cobaltcollapse7 karma

Have you gotten any funny hatemail because of the games?

allowe16 karma

What's mail?

IT_guys_rule7 karma

Did you really lose the original Floppy's for LSL 4 or was it just a joke? Were they stolen? Do you miss the days of Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, King's Quest and all those classic adventure games?

What did you think of the next generation Leisure Suit Larry games like Magna Cum Laude?

allowe10 karma

Yes. I lost them. No, it was always just a joke.

I don't miss those days so much as I fondly remember them.

gangster9916 karma

Have you gotten a chance to play the complete product yet?

allowe21 karma

We all played through many times, Gang (if I may call you by your first name). Have you?

odnarb19866 karma

Have you ever visited the old Sierra building in Oakhurst since you left the company?

allowe12 karma

Why would anyone want to? <grin> No need; I have the memories. That's better anyway. Besides, I think the building is now an implement dealership or something.

krakelohm6 karma

Al, thanks for doing another AMA and gifting us with a great Larry remake. Just a quick few questions.

What were the biggest unforeseen challenges you ran into with doing Reloaded?

Can we expect to see any new Larry / non-Larry games in the near future?

Keep up the great work man, huge fan since first playing Larry on an Mac LC 2!

allowe16 karma

One immediate challenge was choosing the right developer. While we had trouble at first, we ended up with the right company for the job: N-Fusion. They did a great job. The art is top notch. Plus, they're great to work with!

dreamzy5 karma

I just bought a small jar of 'NISH FL' from Walgreens and took a few caps...now my jeans don't fit right. Just a rhetorical statement.

allowe20 karma

What a coincidence! Me, too!!

dreamzy13 karma

...aaaaaand now i'm buying Reloaded.

allowe23 karma

What a coincidence! Me, too!!

angryreporter5 karma

What's your writing process like? Do you and Josh Mandel bounce ideas or jokes off each other and develop the humor that way, or do you each write your separate jokes and choose the best ones?

allowe17 karma

Nah. I just let Josh write everything!

We brainstormed a lot but since he's funnier than I am, I tried to always let him win!

yeastblood5 karma

Fucking eh man. Loved played and beat every leisure suit larry game. My favorite is "shape up and slip out". So fucking funny My god i want to play them all again. Im gonna pick up a copy of reloaded and hope you redo tbem all.

allowe30 karma

It's one funny fucking game all right. Fucking.

Mentalpopcorn5 karma

Hey Al, thanks for doing this AMA. LSL has always been my favorite adventure series and I'm really happy you're back at it.

My question is, how is the game selling? Do you expect to recoup your expenditure/has it already happen?

I sure as shit hope so, because we need at least 5 more to cover up the atrocity that was Magna Cum Loud. What they did to your series was...it was horrifying, and I'm sorry.

allowe12 karma

Isn't it ironic: your title is funnier than theirs! (I kept thinking I was missing the joke. Nope. There wasn't one!) Same with Larry Lovage's name. A chance for a pun but …nothing.

Sales are "so far, so good" but we really need everyone's help. Spread the word on social media. Write a review on MetaCritic. Help us get the word out. We spent all our money on making a great game and have nothing left for marketing!

JeffCentaur4 karma

Years ago you were working on a political comedy game. Any chance you'll ever revisit that?

allowe18 karma

Capital Punishment? Whatever happened to that game? Hillary's minions made it clear that we should cease development! <grin>

siv99394 karma

What's your view on the current game industry?

allowe13 karma


thombudsman4 karma

What would you say is the lesson Leisure Suit Larry teaches people?

allowe17 karma

Wear your lubbers!

cha0sman3 karma

Hi Al! Thanks for doing this AMA! Major fan of your work especially FPFP(I know its not as celebrated as LSL). I have been wondering for years on end, what was AGI, SCI(and its later versions) development like? Did you have to program new functionality into the scripting language to get a good final result?

allowe8 karma

AGI & SCI were developed at Sierra so if we needed a new function we merely had to beg the engineers in charge of that and, if we succeeded, eventually it would appear. It was often faster to just code it in the scripting language itself

crustyspot3 karma

I've read that On-Line Entertainment's Softporn Adventure served as a major inspiration to the graphical Leisure Suite Larry. Given that the box art was a hot tub at Ken William's house, along with a completely nude Sierra book keeper and Ken's wife Roberta, what was the overall environment like at the early days of Sierra? Was it as fast and loose as I imagined, only to turn super corporate -- or was it always strictly business?

allowe6 karma

Find a copy of the book Hackers; the last third of the book was all about Sierra at that time. It was a lot of fun! And never "strictly business." And it NEVER turned "super corporate." Before it could, it just disappeared into the ether instead.

tonsofpcs3 karma

How much do you hate the Amiga's memory management (or lack thereof)?

allowe7 karma

I can't remember. <grin>

toothbucket2 karma

thank you for LSL!! it was my horny little 12 year old introduction to bit-art nakedness!

allowe2 karma

12?! You were supposed to be older!! <grin>

rmeden2 karma

LSLReloaded is about 750MB. How big was the original and is the new size mostly due to higher resolution pictures/video or the general bloat found in modern code? (unused libraries, etc)

allowe9 karma

It was so big it wouldn't fit on one 360K floppy so I had to use 2! The large size of the new game is because of the high-res graphics and all the voiceover recordings!

grrw2 karma

Are you planning on making Torin's Passage 2? I need to relive my childhood. I miss Boogle!

allowe2 karma

Wasn't Boogle a hoot!? Nope, no plans now. But thanks!

a3poify2 karma

What's your personal favourite game of all time?

allowe14 karma

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, of course! Have you played it?

Seriously? I loved Loom. (Anyone remember that one?) As a musician and a gamer, it spoke deeply to me.

BadEgg19512 karma

No questions; just thanks for a lot of fun a couple decades ago.

allowe12 karma

Decades ago? What about Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded? We did all this work for you in this decade!

pinkemma2 karma

I just want to thank you for Leisure Suit Larry.

I was 10 or 11 when I played it. being Norwegian I didn't understand most of it, so it was played with a dictionary in one hand and parents/uncles/aunts/grandparents in the other hand to explain words and meanings (although they dodged some parts...)

It truly helped develop my English and my love of videogames! I spent hours and hours trying to make my own click-and-point text adventures in Quick Basic.

Also, a question: Would you use kickstarter again? For remakes? For new IPs? Aside from not getting the full funding for the game through kickstarter, are you pleased with the process of kickstarting a game? (There's been some criticism by, and towards, other companies for failing to deliver, pressure by backers/themselves.)

allowe3 karma

We were pleased with the entire KS experience. We hope to not need to go back to the KS well again in the future. But that will be determined by the sales of Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded.

Glad I could help teach you English. There's nothing like a little motivation to help you learn!

Guildo2 karma

When will you release part 3?

allowe5 karma

Part 3? What about part 2?

SaffieLaRue1 karma

My SO's name is Larry and we still couldn't get out of the bar.

allowe2 karma

Too bad there are no taxis. Oh, wait. Of course there are!

CitizenSam1 karma

How do you get the woman in the hot tub to talk to you near the end of Leisure Suit Larry One?

allowe2 karma

She wants something. Something we didn't change from the original game because it was too iconic. What could it be?

allowe2 karma

Have you tried talking to her?

fringe_event1 karma

Do you play any modern games by other developers, and if so, what are your favorites? Do you own any video game consoles?

allowe7 karma

My console love was thwarted years ago by 3DO.

froggymorning1 karma

Leisure Suit Larry was my first computer game, after I'd exhausted Atari. Thank you!

allowe6 karma

You're welcome. My Atari was always exhausted, too.

gangster9911 karma

What is your favorite Larry game?

allowe5 karma

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, of course!

chaiHu1 karma

Hey Al! Obligatory groveling first: Huge fan of the series since I got my hands to a keyboard. I've owned and reowned and reowned all of the titles (as disks went to cd and cd went to digital and then Sierra went under and vivendi repackaged them... got 'em all recently off GOG, hopefully you're getting some money from that too.

My question is about Larry 2. I loved the game, though looking back it certainly feels the most out of place for the series (having been cleaned up quite a bit), though the adventure elements were second to none IMO.

Any hints as to what might be done with it going forward? Total overhaul, stick with most of the script, add about 30% (like the current remake)?

...really I just want it done yesterday so I can play it.

allowe3 karma

So far, I've seen nothing from the GOG sales. You would think someone would send a little royalties sometime. <grin>

We're actively discussing exactly what to do with Larry 2 right now. All I can say is: there are lots of design weaknesses that I've wanted to change for a quarter-century. I hope I get the chance to do so!

RasenJoestar1 karma

A friend of mine ask me to post this: "I'm a lover of Leisure Suit Larry but i need to say this: my first game played of the series(or not) was Magna Cum Laude, the 2004 and i loved it. totally. (please don't kill me). I loved its joke lines but he completely lack on the gameplay side. Have you considered to remake that game as adventure game? Same storyline but as a classic larry game. ? the idea of his newphew tryng to get laid on a college campus with a tv show to make it happen is really an intersting idea (at least for me), there also a couple of scene where he breaks the "acting" and talk with the director about why he didn't get (already) laid. ps. Hot Box Office doesn't exit."

allowe3 karma

Personally, I thought Hot Box Office DID exit!

Thanks for the LONGEST question so far.

Seriously, I thought some of MCL was hilarious and would have been proud to have written it. But there were other parts that sounded as though they were written by one of the programmers!

advancix1 karma

Hi! I did play one of the LSL games when i was about 8 years old, i didn't know any english, too. so one of the hardest parts was getting past the test at the beginning. after that, i had no idea what to do, but i remember having fun while being clueless! so thanks for that. :)

allowe5 karma

So you're welcome for that. But why aren't you playing Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded? It's the funniest Larry yet.

Born0fH3llfire1 karma

Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail! was the first LsL game I played, I was probably like 8. haha. My dad had it and when I got older, I tried playing it again, and finished it. It's probably one of my favorite games I've played.

allowe2 karma

Thanks, Mr. Fire. But have you played Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded? It's even better!

fluffy546051 karma

Any idea of when the game will be on iOS?

allowe4 karma

As soon as Apple says it can be. They've had it for 2 weeks and haven't told us anything about its status. We hope it will be soon. Like yesterday!

himmatsj1 karma

Why was the date 1st of July flaunted around for the Android release if the game is still a few weeks away from being ready on that platform?

allowe6 karma

It's all part of our master plan to delay things and spend extra money rather than just release the game that's already finished and waiting!

Seriously, would you want us to release it before it's clean? (And by clean I mean not buggy.)

draksig11 karma

Thank you Al, and for the record I did buy all of the original Larry games (eventually). In fact I ended up with three legal copies of Love for sail.

Just wondering, would you rather do Larry 2 reloaded or a new original Larry game for your next project?

allowe6 karma

We plan to do Larry 2 next. When/if we obtain the rights to do a new game, we will.

Iamurcouch1 karma

Me and my friends still take out your game ever now and then! What did you think of the Steam release?

allowe2 karma

I don't understand? What about the Steam release?