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Did you expect that LSL kickstarter would be a success, seeing that it has been so many years since it has been released?

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I purchase judgments and enforce them on my own behalf. 99% of the judgments are for debts that are not under the scope of what is defined a debt under the FDCPA.
Now I am not asking for legal advice, just wondering what the opinion of the 'opposing side' is on this.

Say I am the assignee of record on a judgment whose cause of action falls under the FDCPA. I make no contact with the judgment debtor, other than service of process for a bank levy and the motion for a turn over order and the order to turn over.

Seeing that I did not communicate with the judgment debtor other than service of process, are you in the opinion that am I required to send out the initial communication letter?

(In reality though, I always send out the initial letter even if the original cause of action isn't defined as a debt under FDCPA. Along with the validation material last known address of the original judgment creditor, a copy of the judgment, and a copy of the acknowledgment of assignment. I feel like it saves everyone's time and prevents some headaches.)

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Hi Al! Thanks for doing this AMA! Major fan of your work especially FPFP(I know its not as celebrated as LSL). I have been wondering for years on end, what was AGI, SCI(and its later versions) development like? Did you have to program new functionality into the scripting language to get a good final result?