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But...app sizes can be above 50MB. Just package the extra bit into an OBB data file.

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This may be a bit of a controversial question, but I was wondering, would it be posssible to someday play a Wolfenstein game in the shoes of a Nazi soldier? What would the stumbling blocks be? If not in a Wolfenstein game, do you see this being a possibility in some other mainstream first-person shooter?

PS: I loved TNO (superb gunplay + great narrative) but I am disappointed you guys cut down on the story elements and cutscenes in TOB.

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Ok thanks. Another quick question. I see there are thousands of levels. Are they super short or what? Can a person play through them all?

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Is this game inspired by or similar to Electronic Super Joy?

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Why was the date 1st of July flaunted around for the Android release if the game is still a few weeks away from being ready on that platform?