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Hey Al, I have a quick story involving your game "Leisure Suit Larry" you may find amusing.

I was 19, working at Gamestop (shittiest job i've ever had) Anyways, I was working on a Sunday and the day had been relatively boring like usual. A young kid walks in, goes straight for leisure suit larry, and brings it up to the counter. I inform the young man that I need to see an ID because the game has some sexually charged content, along with some other things.

This guy gets down on his knees and starts begging me for the game. We're alone in the store, and he's literally crying to me saying " I need this game, all my friends are counting on me to get it." blah blah blah etc

I continue to tell him that there is nothing I can do, unless he has an ID or an adult with him I cannot legally give him the game. I see his expression change a bit, he runs outside, and comes back inside with his Father. "Dad, this is the game I was telling you about, my friends are counting on me to get this". "Ok sir, I have to inform you that this game has sexually explicit content, and vulgar language" (and whatever else the game has, I was just reading the content warning on the back)

Without warning...SMACK!! right across this kids face, his grabs him by the arm and takes him out of the store. I was left standing there, with Leisure suit Larry in my hands watching this poor kid get dragged out of my store because him and his friends wanted to Perv a little bit.

TL;DR Kid got smacked for trying to buy your game.

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I wish that was the case but unfortunately it's not true. I've had Alopecia Areata since I was 7 years old. I've tried steroid cream and injections, both successful in growing My hair back 100%, but it would fall out again with a few months. I sometimes get small spots on my face, eyebrows, stuff like that, but my head has been shaved for almost 8 years and the spots on my head have never changed.