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Hey Al. I never played LSL, but a big part of my childhood was a little-known game called Torin's Passage. I've literally lost count of the number of times I've played through it over the years with my mom and my sister, and a few years ago I even got a chance to relive these memories when I gave my sister a Windows 3.1 VM package I put together with Torin installed for Christmas so we could play it again. Not too long ago I learned that you created this game so you could have something to play with your daughter, and so that other parents could do the same with their own children. I just wanted to let you know that my family was drawn closer together in exactly this manner because of that game, and the images of Boogle, Lycentia, and the eye-fiving snails burn as brightly in my mind now as they did when I was 6 years old. Today I'm a professional independent game designer, programmer, and artist on the verge of releasing my first commercial title, and I can trace a lot of my affection for games back to Torin's Passage. It was the first game I ever played, and one of the earliest experiences I can remember is finishing it for the first time with my mom. Thank you so much for Torin, and I hope one day you get to finish the series so that eventually I may share the experience with children of my own.

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Oh well, I was fishing for SineRider but those are all excellent games too.

Say hi to Ray and Dmitri for me :)

EDIT: While I'm here, I'll add a few other great ones for anyone who's interested:

  • Miegakure - A four-dimensional puzzle-platformer by Marc Ten Bosch.
  • Euclid: The Game - A geometric proof game by Kasper Peulen.
  • Engare - A game about the mathematical patterns in Islamic art by Mahdi Bahrami.

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What are your favorite math games?

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Are you familiar with David and Daniil Liberman?

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Would you like to see my french drop?

Le whoops!