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And that is why pawnshops are considered thieves. It's not impossible to get an insurance clause written around that especially for a multi million dollar company. I know it can be a slippery slope but that's one of the big reasons people dislike pawnshops.

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Where can I find a copy of Torrins Passage? That game is my childhood.

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I've been getting really annoyed at the people screaming about historical accuracy in Battlefield 1 and V.

This is a game series where you regain health from a box and can be revived with a syringe, not exactly accurate already. Quite complaint about people using experimental guns that didn't get much action and female soldiers.

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Or all the people who have been wheelchair bound but not really.

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Canadian football official here, what are your guys crew requirements for different game levels? We would need a 3 man crew for pee wee, 4 man for bantam and high school and 5 man for any playoff games.