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Unfortunately, there is no preventing this. If it happens more than three times on the same lung, they can "superglue your lungs to your rib cage" as the doctor eloquently put it to me. Not a super fun procedure. On the bright side though, the chances of it happening again after you're 25-26 yrs old is virtually nil. I suppose either the blebs finally seal themselves, or your lungs man-up.

Based on my own personal multiple experiences 15-20 years ago, here's what not to do:

  1. Don't travel 50 miles from town to work on an old Spanish teacher's computer problems at her house.
  2. Don't drink root beer while playing chess with your brother in law.
  3. Don't try to read the instructions of a hotel waffle maker.
  4. Don't announce a Red Hot Chili Peppers song coming up after a break in your new temporary radio job.
  5. Don't show up late for debate class.

Perhaps the one piece of advice I can leave you with that seemed to be a commonality was breathing in too suddenly. Don't do it.

Also, those sharp instant pains that very rarely occur that will throw you to the floor when you're older than 25? Doctors won't have a clue what's wrong with you, and it's not your lung collapsing.

Enjoy your life, fellow young skinny, likely successful type-A personality! See a doctor about your future heartburn issues (hint: protonix), and that clicking in your heart is mitral valve prolapse. It means nothing.

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Not to be confused with his spot.

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I've read that On-Line Entertainment's Softporn Adventure served as a major inspiration to the graphical Leisure Suite Larry. Given that the box art was a hot tub at Ken William's house, along with a completely nude Sierra book keeper and Ken's wife Roberta, what was the overall environment like at the early days of Sierra? Was it as fast and loose as I imagined, only to turn super corporate -- or was it always strictly business?