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ITT: People with parents that had no clue what their kids were doing on the computers when mom and dad weren't home.

Hey, Al! No question, but I wanted to thank you for making the originals and the remake. Sierra's games are what got me into the IT field to begin with and LSL is a big reason that I started working with some guys you know and used to work with on their new game :) Changed my life! So I can't thank you enough.

Also, I was hoping you would have updated the OJ Simpson related age question to accept either the "professional football player" or "homicidal football player" options.

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I think he meant that he copy and pasted it to different platforms, because you (generally) need to compile on a Mac to produce iOS packaging for release. I don't think he meant copy and pasting code within his app for common functionality. I could be wrong, though.

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You can't divide by 0.