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what do you think of that rather clear proof that was posted on 4chan? Ya, the guy could have waited 4 years after his initial post to pull a prank, but doesn't really explain the portal themed pics he posted months before portal was released.

here is a montage of the two posts. This really happened. http://i.imgur.com/kSGxuPS.png

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damn. they messed up yer ink, bro!

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how does it feel to be not Yale?

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what do you think of the changes in automotive technology that have taken lace over your lifetime?

do you generally find that cars are more, or less, enjoyable to drive today then they were when you first started? Do you think they preform all that much better, or not? (obviously consumer cars have no where near he oomph they once had, but aside from that...)

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non-dead head here. Does Bear=Augustus Owsley Stanley III?