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Hey, if you need help with ideas, I'm sure we can provide them for you. Even a Christmas special where everybody dies would be swell.

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flips through his notebook But that's not the right answer...

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What's the difference between a screw, a bolt and a nail?

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Dear Sir,

I once (half-jokingly) offered the following, recursive definition for a Strong AI: an AI is strong when it can produce an AI stronger than itself.

As one can see, even you us humans haven't passed this requirement, but do you see anything potentially worrying about the idea? AIs building stronger AIs? How would you make sure that AIs stay "friendly" down the line?

Fixed mon apostrophes, I hope nobody saw anything...

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Thank you for the reply!

I think that some of the core tenets of Civ are problematic for making a tight, well-balanced strategy game,

Im sure a bunch of us would be grateful if you could elaborate on this? ;-)