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Translation for Americans: Nits = lice

Edit: hey you sarcastic douchebags, I know you could Google a Nit, I was just trying to lend a hand to keep your AMA experience going without a second tab. And... I love everyone of ya. Keep on being you.

Edit Part Duex: Well, thank you anonymous redditor for the gilding and finding this as my number highest rated post of all time is calling Redditors a bunch of sarcastic d-bags will be forever cherished.

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Tell that guy to get his arse in here and do an AMA!

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So that's two for a number two in a hurry.

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Where can I send huge sums of money to you for a chance to play this new game?!

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On the flip side, why hate on people who aren't able to say the right thing when hit with something like this.

New Friend: I'm dying of a terrible disease, ok now you say something.

Me: Uhh uhh... (When my brain chunks though something like this - let's see - someone dies you give sympathy, ok we'll go with that so we don't look uncaring and we want to be nice) I'm sorry, that's terrible!

New Friend: Fuck you I know I'm dying, Jesus - you don't think I know that!? I just told you this ...

My Brain: uhh we goofed and hurt their feelings... Uhh uhh.. When we hurt someone's feels we have words we say to try and make it right... Yeah let's use those.

Me: I'm sorry...

My Brain: well here we go again...