Al Lowe

best known for creating the Leisure Suit Larry series.

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Larry was modeled after a salesman for Sierra that shall remain nameless. He would return from sales trip and brag to us about how much ass he had gotten. Those of us sitting there coding hated him.

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Isn't it obvious? We'll be dirtier than anything on the Internet!

You can type "boobs" into Google?

PS. I love your use of the word "saucy"!

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It was the first game we beta tested at Sierra. I wrote a module that recorded what you were doing when you asked a question the game didn't understand. The beta testers collected the text file created and mailed them to me on a floppy disk by horse back. I then sorted them and made sure the game had some sort of answer for everything they asked. So the games owes its intelligence to the beta testers.

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We all do what we can.

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I think touch screens will be the saving grace for point and clicks. When you can actually point at things, instead of mousing around, you'll find the game much more responsive. I also look forward to using motion sensing in some new and creative ways. (Read into that what you will!)

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Because 45 is when you are old enough for "ultra porn"!

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Space Quest!

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Yes. I know.

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Ballsack rubbing costs extra, dude!