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Sai_Deschain101 karma

Did you ever come close to accidentally tweeting things about butts and boners in your personal twitter acount rather than in the NSP twitter?

How difficult is getting into the mindset of those two accounts?

Sai_Deschain21 karma

What a pervert!!!

Sai_Deschain17 karma

Hi Ragnar! First of all congratulations, I'm happy to see how the kickstarter is at a 60% or so. My question is, what led you to create your own studio instead of sticking with Funcom?

Sai_Deschain12 karma

Do you plan to remake The Missing Floppies? An update to "The Missing DVD" would be neat

Sai_Deschain6 karma

Do you have an estimate of how many litres of Irn-Bru were consumed during development?