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If you could create a new IP and business with Elon Musk, what would you make happen?

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So you have to realize you now have a portion of the world at least glancing in your direction. What are you going to do with this? You have a voice, what will it say?

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The very fact that you're trying to dispute the claim tells everyone here that you're nothing more than a propaganda pushing homophobic fuck that should stay in his homophobic country.

To the darling people of Russia, come to America, we love you, we love your gays, and we'd be glad to have dinner with you.

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Have you ever gotten on set and saw your co-star and just said "So, can we just snuggle for a bit?"

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As a child that got bullied horribly back in the 80s, when teachers and principals would tell you to "just hit him back", I really loved knowing my friends Howard and Nes were waiting for me at home. Nintendo was my escape, and it still very much is. Thanks for the memories :)