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Why did Wavy Gravy disappear and will you ever bring it back?

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how does a TV show on amazon work? If ONE gets picked up, is it filmed and put up a day or two later or weeks later like regular TV or is it all filmed and then put up in bulk? Would the show ever be broadcast on cable/network TV as well or be exclusive to amazon?

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What do you hope for and think will happen a thousand years from now, assuming humanity is still around? Would you want colonized planets that are 100% Native American or Navajo, or would you prefer to be part of a bigger human collective? If much of humanity lives inside computers and virtual worlds, would recreating and living in the past be good or bad?

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The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe for anyone wondering what the heck that is

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I had no idea you hosted the Writers Room, I DVR'd one that had the Breaking Bad staff but haven't watched it yet. Will DVR the rest now!

What movie do you like to watch over and over?