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0/10, would not elect again.

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And the rest of us live in CO and WA.

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How great is working at a hostel for your sex life? I worked at a hostel in the States for a year, and for whatever reason the guy working front desk at the hostel is apparently a great choice for sex over vacation because I had a new hook up every couple of weeks.

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I have a degree in biology and an uncle who is an HK (was head of the Kolkata temple for many years until a bunch of political shit involving stolen cows came about). The last time I was in Mumbai we got in an argument about evolution, which is not something he has to deal with on a regular basis living in India, and it very quickly strained our relationship. It went on for a while and he became visibly upset, and the last question he asked me—in a tone that suggested he believed it was a slam dunk—was "did Darwin say it was the truth?", referring to Origin of Species. As in, did he actually write the phrase "this is true" in the book...because apparently if he didn't then it shouldn't be taken seriously?

I really didn't understand the point behind the question, as it's not like scientific papers/books/etc are prefaced with "by the way, this is the truth." He stopped the conversation after that, and we haven't really spoken since, which is too bad because growing up he was one of my favorite uncles.

But yeah, I learned a lot about HK teachings growing up and there was a lot of really weird shit besides just rejecting modern biology. Spot on with the obedient Krishna girl shit. That same uncle has two brilliant daughters whom he disowned because they dared to want to study in the west, and his wife ended up leaving him so now he's got no one really close to him besides his brothers.

He explained the cutlery thing by claiming that spoons and forks can never be truly clean, same reason you eat with your left hand. Grown man who actually went to a university, insane.

The only part I really enjoyed was the descriptions of the hellish planets in the Srimad Bhagavatam. That was scary as shit and makes the Christian hell seem like a walk in the park!

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It's actually pretty sterile. We're here for 6 weeks without showering, and it's not too bad.

Could you clarify on this a bit please? Wouldn't your body's natural flora remain relatively unchanged since your body is insulated via what I imagine is the best winter gear in the world (at least I hope it's the best, if anyone deserves it it's scientists dammit!)?