Hi I’m Sofia Talvik. I’m a Swedish artist and songwriter. My music is Americana/Folk based. I started touring full time in the end of 2011. I had a two year Visa for the U.S. I bought an big old RV in Florida (where RVs go to die), and with only 3 months of shows booked ahead I went on the road for one and a half year booking and traveling my way cross 37 states at the time. Now I’m on my third Visa and have been trough 47 states. Now I do about 180+ concerts every year divided between Europe and the U.S.

Edit: I’m signing off but will answer a few questions when I have time.

If you really want to support me directly you can preorder my new CD or Vinyl on Indiegogo:

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Here’s a short summary of some of the most common questions:

I haven’t been to Alaska, North Dakota & West Virginia. Idaho and that area is my favorite place in the U.S. I usually play smaller listening type of venues like small theaters, listening rooms, concert series and house concerts.

If you want to find out where I’m playing next, you can track me on Bandsintown and get updates when I play in your area:


Here are my social links:




Proof: My Instagram page posting a screen shot of this intro: https://instagram.com/sofiatalvikmusic

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Beachsurfer266 karma

Very amazing you can do that. So a show ends and you get in your RV to the next show. Do you feel that you live a solitary life?

sofiatalvik435 karma

I’m always traveling with my husband that is my sound engineer and mechanic. It’s also really cozy in the RV, it’s nice to be able to close the door and have your “home” with you all the time. In Europe I tour in a car and that is more stressful, having to sleep in weird places now and then. I feel I live a rich life considering I get to meet a lot of interesting people and I also get to see a lot of beautiful places. The nature in the U.S is breathtaking.

Beachsurfer88 karma

Very awesome indeed. What an adventure that must be. You have a beautiful voice. I just listened to Jonestown on Spotify. All the best. Thank you for your reply.

sofiatalvik66 karma

Thanks for listening and thanks for commenting!

SpongeBad37 karma

After the US, you should try Canada. But do it In summer. You don’t want to be in an RV here in winter.

sofiatalvik20 karma

I’ll try for sure! :)

Just4TodayIthink-128 karma

Sound “”””engineer””””

The term engineer is embarrassingly used way to often these days. Your husband can run a mixer and might know how to record. Don’t over sell him, there are millions of kids out there that know how to run Fruityloops too.

sofiatalvik19 karma

Well I usually present him as my sound designer to not hurt the FOH guys that have no clue how to set my sound. :)

EmmaTheHedgehog15 karma

You’d be surprised at the amount of bands that do this. I work in Colorado at a music venue, and there are a lot of acts that come through living in an RV. Especially couples or small duos will play dinner music who live in their RV full time. Especially vans with trailers.

sofiatalvik6 karma

I guess the dinner music is all that sets me apart from them.

LBJ4USA51 karma

What are your top five songs?

sofiatalvik50 karma

Top five of my songs or just top 5 of songs in general?!

LBJ4USA39 karma

Both please!

sofiatalvik113 karma

That’s always a tough one. I’ve always loved stuff from the 60s like The Doors, Janis Joplin.. later on I listened to a lot of British bands like Suede (I later on did a duet with Bernard Butler form Suede) Now I listen to great Americana artists like John Moreland and Gillian Welch. Hard to pick. Here’s a try in no particular order.

Glenn Campbell - Wichita Lineman

Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings the Flood

Valerie June - Astral Plane

The Doors - The End

Janis Joplin - A Woman Left Lonely

bunsonh23 karma

Gillian Welch

There is no one better. I have probably seen her and Dave perform at least 20 times and each time is better than the last. I say without hyperbole that I believe they exist on a higher plane. Real-life magic.

sofiatalvik17 karma

I love her song “Everything is free now”

thewhimsicalbard15 karma

John Moreland is incredible. His music is so undeniably real.

sofiatalvik12 karma

It’s to the core. Great stuff.

BliffityBloppity11 karma

Suede <3

sofiatalvik3 karma

I know. :)

xXKilltheBearXx6 karma

Wow thanks for recommending John Moreland. Currently listening to his Spotify he is really talented.

sofiatalvik9 karma

Yeah. He’s great. Opened for Jason Isbell in Berlin he’s a big guy. His songs reflects a lot of that.

sofiatalvik3 karma

Your welcome.

minkhandjob5 karma

I just played a bar gig last night and we did Wichita Lineman. One of the greatest American tunes all time, I love that it’s on this list.

sofiatalvik7 karma

I sometimes do that as a cover also. Yes I found a version online. Old one: https://youtu.be/60YI7cn-k5g

sundson2 karma

Wonderful how people can have so different taste. Never heard any of these

sofiatalvik4 karma

Get listening after you listened to my songs first. :)

sundson1 karma

Started listening to one of your songs and realised I'm not in the mood, I'm sick, have a headache and am pissed off which is not really vibing with your music style :). But I liked the song I heard.

sofiatalvik5 karma

Good call. Take care and be well.

GKarl2 karma

Wow! Great list. You have fantastic taste.

sofiatalvik3 karma

Thanks mate!

syngeon22 karma

Oh wow!

Wichita Lineman AND Suede. Hope you’re touring Australia sometime soon.

Have you heard the Ben Ottewell (from Gomez) version of Wichita Lineman?

sofiatalvik2 karma

Hey, I will check that out for sure.

BriarRose211 karma

I'm preferential to Soulful Shade of Blue by Neko Case, but I'm honestly just glad to see her on your list!!! Her vocals are remarkable.

sofiatalvik2 karma

And she’s hilarious! Look up some podcasts or radio interviews with her. Fierce!

FlorenceCattleya47 karma

What are the three states you haven’t been to yet?

sofiatalvik56 karma

Alaska, North Dakota and West Virginia.

CartmanVT26 karma

North Dakota can always use some culture. Fargo is actually pretty great.

sofiatalvik17 karma

I will try to find something in the future.

dorable722 karma

Fargo venues for you to try:

Red Raven: https://www.redravenfargo.com/booking

The Aquarium: https://aquariumfargo.com/

Jade Presents: https://jadepresents.com/

sofiatalvik17 karma

Thanks I’ll add these to my short list of venues up there.

Arthemax11 karma

How'd you get to Hawaii in your RV?

sofiatalvik21 karma

Well yeah that didn’t really happen. :) I took a flight from Seattle. :)

wallmower10 karma

You mentioned earlier that the scenery in America is beautiful. Just wait until you go to Alaska. The drive through Banff is stunning, and when you reach Alaska you will be in RV heaven.

sofiatalvik13 karma

Yes, but how many venues are there to play in Alaska?! ;)

lkraider3 karma

At least one, or so I heard. Don't take my word for it tho

sofiatalvik3 karma


rcowie2 karma

I know the musical promoter for my small Alaskan city. I could put you in touch with him.

sofiatalvik2 karma

Thanks mate. But Alaska is not on my tour plan yet.

_Bay_Harbor_Butcher_7 karma

While there are a lot of poor rural areas in West Virginia the state itself is incredibly beautiful and mountainous.

sofiatalvik3 karma

Would love to go if I could find a good venue to play.

sunrise_review3 karma

The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV is a solid spot with regular touring acts. There is also 123 Pleasant St. In Morgantown and a couple in Charleston.

sofiatalvik2 karma

I’ll look that up. Thanks for the tip!

1SecretUpvote4 karma

Go to West Virginia, seek out the tiny sister towns of Davis and Thomas. Stay at the Billy Motel and Play at the purple fiddle. :) You won't be disappointed.

sofiatalvik5 karma

This goes in my notes. Thanks!

elisha_gunhaus4 karma

I had the same question. I am going to guess Alaska, Hawaii, and maybe Maine.

sofiatalvik3 karma

Answer above. :)

Panchoslancho25 karma

Been to Utah, yet?

sofiatalvik39 karma

I just went trough Utah on my last tour. I was blow away by the beauty and the vast landscape in southern Utah. Arches, Highway 12, Bryce Canyon, amazing. Great places for camping off the beaten path. I also love the Museum of natural history in SLC. Check out my Instagram for some great pics!!

Houjix24 karma

Which states have you found to have the nicest people?

sofiatalvik54 karma

Wisconsin but I love Americans in general. I’ve made a lot of friends in the U.S.

MajorMustard13 karma

Cheers from Milwaukee, WI!

sofiatalvik36 karma

We ran over a truck tire that took out the generator exhaust and separated the back wall on the RV. In Milwaukee we met people that gave us beer, sent us to a music festival in the park and repaired the TV without charging. Even tried to buy them dinner, they refused. His last name was Jonas, think he ran a bar downtown. That’s why I consider Wisconsin the friendliest state.

Mister_Bloodvessel11 karma

That's pretty awesome and not at all uncommon in the US. Despite a dipshit trying to buy Greenland, the rest of us are generally quite nice folks.

sofiatalvik3 karma

I hear you. You need to get rid of the 🤡!

Eelhead23 karma

Do you drive the RV to the venue, or do you tow a car behind you?

sofiatalvik55 karma

My RV is a Toyota motorhome from 89. It’s a Winnebago Micro Warrior, and it fits in a regular U.S size parking space. We named him name is Lil' Chief. Check out this pic of the RV.


kabobkabobkabob9 karma

Nice yota. That thing is gonna run forever

sofiatalvik20 karma

We got 270000 miles on it at the moment. Runs great!

LubbockGuy6 karma

I have a similar make and model, mine is 4 cylinders and tops out around 60 mph BUT it's super fun to drive and I always get complements on it.

sofiatalvik10 karma

Oh you got the 22RE?! Our is the 3VZE 6-cyl. Same crappy MPG but great engines!

bi_polar2bear2 karma

The 22RE was bullet proof! Awesome to see you know your engines! Not just a musician, but a gear head too! I can see why your hubby wifed you! 😉

sofiatalvik5 karma

Got to know your tour RV to stay in the road. I find most people don’t give a damn about their property.

Rastakull21 karma

Any chance you'll be playing in Nashville, Tn next month for the Americana music fest?

sofiatalvik32 karma

I was there last year with my pedal steel player. We only did some unofficial showcases. We played the Goorin Bros Hat Shop and went to some day parties to shake some hands. I’m in the middle of releasing a new album and I got concerts in Europe until next year. Next U.S tour is in mid February and will be from New Mexico to Florida. I’ll probably be hanging out in Austin during SxSW.

thecstep3 karma

Awesome. See you at sxsw.

sofiatalvik6 karma

Thanks take care!

c4jina1 karma

See you here in Austin!

sofiatalvik2 karma

Hey! Follow me on Bandsintown and you might catch me at a concert. - https://www.bandsintown.com/en/a/19726-sofia-talvik

izcho18 karma

Hej Sofia fellow swede here what an inspiring life you lead. Curious to listen to your music now.

Where did you grow up in Sweden and did you study music here or how did you get into what you do?

sofiatalvik29 karma

Hej! I grew up on the island of Orust on the west coast of Sweden. I studied some piano but started writing songs on the guitar to teach myself when I was about 18. I worked as an art director for a long time until I decided to just focus on the music. So I quit and started touring full time.

malek103817 karma

First, I would like to thank you for taking your time and doing this AMA.

What has been your favorite state? Also, do you see yourself ever "settling down"?

Has your family been supportive about your decision to live life the way you do?

sofiatalvik45 karma

Thanks no problemas. My favorite states are the Big Sky states, especially Idaho. The travel I did trough that part of the U.S inspired an album called “Big Sky County” (I know it’s the state slogan of Montana). Here’s a link to it if you want to listen: https://music.sofiatalvik.com

I have a few places I call home so I really don’t feel I’m homeless :) My upcoming album is inspired by that very question you ask. What is home? I got an apartment in Berlin, a house I’m renovating in Spain and my tour RV in the U.S. So there’s plenty of options to settle down. But if you’re referring to “settling down” as in having kids that is something I’ve decided not to have. I got a song on my upcoming album called “Die Alone” that touches that subject. :)

My father is a painter and my parents have always supported my choices.

one800collekt5 karma

Was just going to ask how we can find tour dates for Idaho/Pacific Northwest

sofiatalvik8 karma

You’ll find all my tour dates on my homepage or Bandsintown. Be sure to track me on Bandsintown to get updates on when I publish a concert in your area.



one800collekt1 karma

Thank you!

sofiatalvik2 karma

You’re welcome!

nootandcanoodle7 karma

Hi! I’ve always dreamed of doing what you’re doing. I have lots of questions lol

-how do you book other gigs? Do you have an internet hotspot onboard?

-do you park to sleep at campsites or just streets/parking lots?

-do you cook using camping equipment?

-what do you do with the camper when you go tour in Europe?

-have you ever had car trouble? How did you deal w it?

Sorry for all the questions I’m just curious. Thank you so much

sofiatalvik18 karma

Hey! I do all the booking. I book a year or more in advance. Depending on your genre there’s a lot of different indie databases with venues. However I tend to google local and touring acts to see where people similar to my style of music play.

I usually park out of the way. If I’m in a city I try to find a place that feels secure. There also freecampsites.net. I’m usually only parked for the night and move in the morning. I’ve never felt unsafe or been bothered.

I got a stove with four burners in the RV and cook a lot of food since most venues offer pretty crappy choices (in the U.S)

The camper I leave at friends houses or at people that offer to host it while I’m in Europe. I do house concert and met some great people.

We’ve broken down so many times but my husband that goes by the name “White Trash McGywer” usually knows how to fix the RV. We got the shop manuals. :)

Thanks for asking!

gregoriohombre6 karma

What's the popularity of Americana music like in Sweden, and why are you all so good at it? Between you, Jose Gonzales, The Tallest Man on Earth, First Aid Kit and others, it seems like it's really popular over there.

sofiatalvik9 karma

Must be something in the water of the access to public services like free music lessons. :)

formal_thehyde5 karma

Hey man - ive been making music since december publicly. (Indie inspired by early 200s alternative like modest mouse clap yourhands say yeah etc) i was wondering..

What steps should i make to get my music heard? I have had very positive reactions and have been told that it deserves attention all that shnazz and i just dont know how to go about getting it some attention.

Any advice?

sofiatalvik7 karma

Just start recording an publish it online like SoundCloud etc. Just do your thing and read about how to publish your music. No one will pick an artist nowadays unless they already are big and than it’s no use signing anything anyway. I run my own label.

formal_thehyde2 karma

Yeah I’ve put everything on all platforms (spotify and all that included) and ive hit about 500 subs on youtube and insta since i started in december. Had a few online magazines feature me and what not just dont have the time to really submit myself to labels idek how to go about it haha

Ill throw my youtube up if you’re interested in hearing me out a bit but dont feel obliged.


Thanks for hittin me back though man - and congrats on makin’ your dreams a reality always happy to see that.

sofiatalvik4 karma

Keep up the work!

PiCKeT4014 karma

Have you been to Rhode Island? We're the tiniest state but one of the original colonies. There is the Newport folk fest each year. They may have changed the venue but Fort Adam's seems like a neat place to have a show. Also As220 in Providence is a pretty artsy place that may be up your alley.

sofiatalvik3 karma

I’ve played in Providence before at Fete Music Hall (might not be around anymore). It was horrible since the promoter left and deleted all emails. I ended up playing for the opening act. But we became great friends. :)

cihant4 karma

Are you on a tourist visa? How did you manage to get a visa?

sofiatalvik19 karma

It’s a O1 Visa for aliens with special abilities in science and art. You are not allowed to work in the U.S on a tourist visa. It’s valid for a maximum of three years.

Thegreatgarbo6 karma

O1, nice! Did you have to submit any samples or get any recommendations from professionals? We had a junior scientist ask to sponsor him on an O1 and it's more for world renown scientists like Nobel laureate etc.

sofiatalvik11 karma

Yes, you have to get letters of recognition from people in the music industry along with contracts and an itinerary of your concerts and business in the U.S. You also have to present press clips and other proof.

HelenMiserlou1 karma

could an American, for instance, do the same (or similar) in Sweden with such a visa? (though perhaps busking around northern Sweden might not be so enjoyable)

sofiatalvik1 karma

I have no clue about the Visa rules of Sweden, but if you go to the government visa site you’ll probably find the info.

Cephalopod_3 karma

Fun question: How did you like Washington State?

Serious question: How do you afford to travel so much? It seems like Europeans always have more time/money available for travel than us Americans. What's the secret?

sofiatalvik7 karma

I love Washington state and the Olympia National Forest. Seattle also reminds me a bit about Stockholm in Sweden. The whole west coast stretch with Highway 1 is so beautiful. And you got freaking volcanoes, sand dunes and as I stated a freaking rain forest!

I make my money playing live. Touring in the RV I only have to pay for gas and some food. Plane tickets can be found relatively cheap, but I play about five concert every week on tour in the U.S. Europeans in general have payed time off from work and have a mindset that - you work to live, not live to work.

PavelDatsyuk13 karma

Is it hard to get a visa?

sofiatalvik11 karma

Yes. The Visa is an O1. You have to prove that your are an exceptional alien with special abilities in Science and Art. :). It costs a ton of money and you have to have legal help and a sponsor in U.S.

Djaja2 karma

You ever go to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?

sofiatalvik2 karma

Yes, a lot of Finnish flags up there. :) Went trough there last fall, and wow those fall colors were just beautiful. Pretty amazing coast line along the lakes.

DryHoboJerkdown2 karma

Hej swede here. How did you go from a 9-5 job and just instantly started touring all over. How do you support yourself financially and get shows from being an unknown swede?

sofiatalvik9 karma

I had a pretty well payed job and some money sat aside. I had some Swedish press from playing at Hultsfred and Trästocksfestivalen. I also already had some reviews in Swedish press. I also had won an online competition that secured me a spot at the big Lollapalooza festival in Chicago and I was also selected to showcase at SxSW. All that came trough hard work and contacting people in the industry. Now I run my own label and book all the tours. Booking, PR and all that takes 90% of all time. Playing live is a small part of the real work.

SupremeDeluxeEdition2 karma

What do you do for fun? Do you ski/snowboard? rock climb? bike? pizza eating contests?

Where do you usually camp? on parking lots or you try and find a secluded wooded place? I hope you don't jump from weird RV park to RV park.

What part of the US has your favorite food? Favorite foods in Europe beside Sweden?

sofiatalvik10 karma

I do a lot of camping when I have days over since I’m touring in the RV. A lot of star gazing and wine drinking. :) I never pay for camping.

I try for secluded places, sometimes I end up in a parking lot (Cracker Barrel is good). But if there’s nature close I try to find a good spot.

Germany and Spain has great food. I love southern U.S food like fried green 🍅 tomato.

The_Grubby_One2 karma

So what were your thoughts going through Nebraska and Kansas? Did you notice how very brown everything is?

Bob_Loblaw_Law_Bomb2 karma

The right places in Nebraska are incredibly striking, especially if you enjoy sunsets and being able to see 10 miles away. The monotone winters make the lush summertime that much more dramatic.

sofiatalvik8 karma

I caught the last solar eclipse in Nebraska. Pretty damn cool!

sofiatalvik2 karma

Last tour driving trough Kansas I didn’t see anything since it was raining for two days straight with head wind. Got 8mpg. Lol

phoenixbbs2 karma

How much time do you spend away from the US (to do your house in Spain etc), and how do you find healthcare compared to other places you've lived ?

sofiatalvik11 karma

Too little time in Spain. :) I tour mostly in Germany. Most of EU got great healthcare. In Germany you pay about $300 a month of self employed, if you’re employed the employers pay for it. German healthcare includes dental also. All medicines are payed for if needed. In Sweden it’s payed for by taxes.

Aaod2 karma

I had a couple RV questions but you answered all but one already, what is the bathroom situation like? I don't think that RV has a bathroom right? Do you just use restrooms at gas stations and the like? What about showering?

sofiatalvik5 karma

Yes it got a toilet and a shower in the back. We use the shower for storage. We only pee pee in the toilet and save the rest for Starbucks. I sometimes wash my hair in Starbucks also. :) Since I do a fair amount of house concerts there’s always time to shower. Otherwise there’s also a small sink in the back to clean up in.

Lugiawolf2 karma

Hej! Ive noticed a lot of Swedes tend to gravitate to Americana music - the popularity of First Aid Kit comes to mind, as well as the whole raggare subculture. Why do you think that is?

Also, when will you come to Iowa next?

sofiatalvik3 karma

Hej. Can’t say why. But the First Aid Kit popularity thing started with the revival of folk/pop with bands like Mumford and Sons etc. I think First Aid Kit broke trough when the got invited to open for Fleet Foxes when they saw a cover of one of their songs by First Aid Kit.

GetBAK12 karma

Where do you find it easiest / most difficult to draw good crowds in the US? People say the SF Bay area is one of the toughest and the smaller more isolated towns are more live-music friendly. Do you find this to be the case?

sofiatalvik2 karma

SF Bay Area got some of the greatest house concert series around. Love that place.

poopypantsposse2 karma

Have you played in Asheville North Carolina?

sofiatalvik3 karma

Yes. They have a venue called ISIS music hall. Great listening room and the food is delicious. I love the Appalachia mountains. Black Mountains have a cool venue called White Horse also.

DistroyerOfWorlds2 karma

What has been your favorite state to go to?

Also how did you like it here in Connecticut?

sofiatalvik2 karma

I love Wyoming, Idaho and Utah for the amazing landscape. It’s always good to be in the nutmeg state. :)

CultofCedar2 karma

How hard is it to get visa to preform in the US? My friends recently got an artist visa to move here but they said they had to prove they made a certain amount annually so it sounds like a nightmare to plan it all out... that and they still preform internationally so the logistics of it all sounds crazy

sofiatalvik3 karma

It’s pretty hard. I don’t know what kind of Visa your friends have but I have to prove I’m an extraordinary alien with special abilities in art. I also have to have a sponsor in the U.S (the legal firm I’m paying) and letters of recognition from people in the music industry vouching for my profession. The I got to show an itinerary for the time I apply for with proof of the tours and letters from my label employing me that they are supporting me financially during my commitment in the U.S. The O1 Visa is valid for a maximum period of three years.

TheJamMeister2 karma

What size venues do you play? Are you doing bars/coffeehouses, or more theater- sized rooms?

sofiatalvik6 karma

Since I’m touring solo in the U.S I try to find intimate venues that are listening rooms. I stopped playing bars and coffee houses a long time ago. They don’t pay and no one is paying attention. I play a lot of house concerts, small theaters and other cool places. Usually up to about 100 people. In Germany I play bigger venues sometimes if i got a budget and a band.

geeko12 karma

You should play at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA. If you dare make a peep in that place when someone is performing you hear it from everybodys eyes.

sofiatalvik7 karma

I’ve played The Hotel Cafe but you always have to bring your own crowd in L.A. it’s hard to get people out in big cities like N.Y and L.A.

stripmallbars1 karma

So pleased to learn about your music. Are you coming through Nashville?

sofiatalvik2 karma

Not in a while. Next year i do a lot of touring in Texas and on the east coast. Maybe 2021.

matterohmee1 karma

How did the Skanör (my home town) crowd treat you? Any touring around Stockholm any time soon?

sofiatalvik2 karma

I had a great evening in Skanör! I played in Stockholm just a few weeks ago on Blidösundsbåten. Probably won’t be back in Sweden into next summer. But please track me on: https://www.bandsintown.com/en/a/19726-sofia-talvik

tangerinesqueeze1 karma

Are you ever going to Canada? One of the best bands in the country is an Americana/folk/country/rock band called Blue Rodeo. Look them up!

A few of their most famous songs:


Lost Together

After the Rain

Hasn't Hit Me Yet

Five Days in May

Bad Timing

Diamond Mine

Trust Yourself

Blew it again

Is it You

House of Dreams

Edit: they never made it big in the States which always amazed me, but Meryl Streep loved them so much she had them in her film Postcards from the Edge.

sofiatalvik3 karma

I’ve played some showcases in Toronto but I would love to tour there soon. I met Buffy Sainte-Marie's bass player touring in Germany. Hope to set something up with her in the future.

tangerinesqueeze2 karma

Very cool. Hope you go some day. I live in Michigan now. If you make it here I would show up.

sofiatalvik2 karma

I’ve played up in Michigan before it’s a nice place.

UslyfoxU1 karma

I would imagine that almost every day you're meeting new people face-to-face from different parts of the United States. Do you find from your interactions with people that the country is far less divided than what is portrayed in the media? Are the racial, political, religious and social divisions very real and present in some parts of the country?

And what is it with Sweden pumping out so much quality music? For a country where English is not the primary language, you guys sure do know how to pump out hitmakers. ABBA, Robyn, Avicii, Millencollin, Swedish House Mafia, Tove Lo, The Hives, The Cardigans; I could go on for ages naming awesome artists from your country (not to mention the fact that you have your own unique metal scene with many incredible artists). How do you guys do it? Is music a big part of your education when you are younger? Is it something culturally that's embraced and appreciated in a way that you haven't seen anywhere else?

sofiatalvik1 karma

Wheee! Lots of stuff to answer. :) Well first of all I just love to get to know people, sure sometimes it is very brief before or after a concert, but I play a lot of intimate shows where I have time to socialize and I find most people (all over the world) to be friendly. I don’t know if it takes an outsider to give people perspective and a different mindset but I haven’t met a lot of “crazy” religious, political lunatics or other weirdos. Sure there’s one or two here or there but in general people all over are good hearted. Usually it’s extreme religion or extreme political views that make people flip.

Sweden have free music education in school and I guess since we also learn English at an early age we tend to listen to English and American music. I really have no clue why we have such a good amount of good producers and musicians from Sweden. Btw, check out a great Danish band called MEW.

TheGoldenCowTV1 karma

Hello Sofia, I have a couple of questions:

first one, do you still watch melodifestivalen or Eurovision?

Second, what's your opinion of Sabaton if you like them what's your favourite song?

Hoppas du har en trevlig helg!

sofiatalvik1 karma

I think mello sucks and I haven’t heard Sabaton before. :).

TheGoldenCowTV1 karma

Thank you for your answer and to be fair I believe most people thin mello sucks.

sofiatalvik1 karma


BodSmith543211 karma

Did you have any preconceptions about America or Americans that have changed since you started touring?

sofiatalvik9 karma

Yes, People always say that Americans are shallow and just puts on a facade but I’ve found most people are really good hearted and I’ve gotten some amazing help when breaking down or just made good friends with people along the way. Only thing that haven’t changed is my preconception of that most people don’t get out walking much. I’ve never seen people stressing so much about parking as close to the store entrance as they can. :)

floodster6 karma

As a Swede that moved to the US I completely agree. Americans are damn nice people and generally a lot more inclusive than Swedes. Every time I mention something positive about the US to Swedes they are instantly trying to bring up as many bad things as possible about the US. A very strange behavior, glad to see more Swedes getting to experience the positives of American culture. Keep on truckin girl!

sofiatalvik5 karma

Hear, hear!

LifeIsOnTheWire1 karma

What are your thoughts on The Band?

They're kinda similar to your situation, a bunch of foreigners (except Levon Helm) came to the US to sing americana folk music.

sofiatalvik1 karma

I like The Band. I love all the people that played at Woodstock. :) I was born in the wrong decade.

gedsudski1 karma

Isn't this country beautiful? My parents dragged us all over it camping in National Parks when my brother and sister and I were kids. I have to say we were miserable twats back then, but now I can REALLY appreciate what my parents exposed us to. America is a diverse and beautiful landscape! I've very envious of your lifestyle, and hope you are enjoying your time in the US.

sofiatalvik3 karma

It’s stunning. Most people from Europe travel to the U.S and end up in N.Y or L.A or some other big city. All cities are the same. But the nature in the U.S is freaking awesome. I just did a tour in New Zealand this February and I can tell you the the U.S got all that times 100.

Nergaal1 karma

After seeing that you used a pic with a proeminent nipple in it, I do have a question. How long did it take you to become comfortable to use your sexuality in doing your art?

sofiatalvik3 karma

Hey things happen when you’re in cold water, if you’re a guy you know what I’m talking about. Lol

jahvarro1 karma

Any tips for becoming successful in the music industry? What was the most challenging part about coming up?

sofiatalvik4 karma

Don’t stress it. It a lifestyle and I’m not getting rich. Just do what you love and be happy about it. Be smart about your expenses and try to find good people to work with. There’s no shortcuts in the Folk/Americana music biz. :)

PornoPaul1 karma

Are you still touring? And where have you been in NY? If you ever come back I suggest swinging by Rochester- we have a lot of midsized music venues and are a pretty music oriented city.

sofiatalvik2 karma

I’m always touring, but right now I’m in Europe. I still got some openings for my east coast tour in fall 2020. Send me some venues and I’ll contact them.

HotterYoga1 karma

What do you think about Britney Spears and Eminem?

sofiatalvik4 karma

Not my thing. I grew up with Madonna and Suede. :) But most of Britney’s songs was made in Sweden by Dennis Pop

jocasrbija2 karma

And dont forget Max Martin :)

sofiatalvik2 karma

Yep! 👍

Liv4lov-1 karma

Swedish American, you mean white?

sofiatalvik4 karma

I think you read it wrong. Swedish AmericanA. Americana is a music style. But yeah I got a very pale Swedish skin that burns easily when exposed to sunlight. Not really like a vampire or albino but close.

Guilty_Peanut-7 karma


sofiatalvik2 karma

You have to decide. You’ll find me on all streaming platforms and at https://music.sofiatalvik.com

morphogenes-8 karma

How'd you pay taxes on your income?

sofiatalvik6 karma

I pay taxes in the U.S and Sweden. It’s a complicated thing. I have someone doing that for me.

sofiatalvik2 karma

Just to clear this up. I’m considered a resident since I work more than 3 months every year on my work Visa in the U.S. I pay double taxes. I pay taxes on my European earnings in the U.S and the. I have to file a tax return to get part of the taxes back from the U.S on my EU money. Don’t be a dick mate.

RoadRageRR-8 karma

Why does this question matter? The IRS can burn in hell.

morphogenes-22 karma

Immigrants are required to state their income and pay taxes on that income. I get the idea she's freeloading on our public services without paying her fair share. Europeans often do that (for example, NATO).

sofiatalvik1 karma

I’m not an immigrant. I got a O1 work Visa. I would not want to live in the U.S. :)

not_an_option-11 karma

She’s an artist, not a fucking conservative that follows the law and pays her taxes. What are you, dense?

morphogenes-7 karma

Ah, right. Because artists are better than the rest of us, and that explains why she doesn't have to follow the rules like the rest of us do. Forgot that part.

sofiatalvik2 karma

You didn’t read the answer right. I pay taxes in the U.S. it’s required since I got a O1 work Visa.

PieterPlopplop-13 karma

When's the last time you had explosive diarrhea?

sofiatalvik4 karma

Probably in Asia somewhere. :)