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I think an international day of sorry is in order. Where countries looking for forgiveness for past crimes can ask other countries for forgiveness. They dont have to accept, but it can be symbolic Canada can lead it

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Any easy way to see if my phone has been infiltrated by anyone I wouldn't want there?

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Hey. I think we love you

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Y'all need to take a gander at u/askhistorians or other similarly minded subs me thinks. I don't feel my speech is stifled there, but i certainly feel like I should be cognizant of how dumb I may sound. That seems like a fair trade off. It seems that in today's world it is very easy to see and comment online with one particular narrow viewpoint. There is no room, nor need, for showing the thought behind the comment. Leaving lots of little crappy comments. Having to at at least show what you've used to inform the comment would be a fair trade off imo.