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Cheers from Milwaukee, WI!

MajorMustard5 karma

Are you going be recording a lockdown inspired album after all of this?

If so, how would you make it sound..... lockdowny?

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Regardless of how you feel about the taste, Bud Light is an accomplishment in brewing. Do you foresee the brewing process changing at all in the future or will it always be the tried and true methods?

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What are the biggest challenges facing your district and the biggest obstacle to its solution?

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

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That makes sense, I think it should reflect how the lockdown is affecting you personally, because it will be different for everyone.

For me, the lockdown is making me feel pent up and crazy. So songs like My Iron Lung by Radiohead or Brain Stew By Green Day kinda reflect what I would describe as my "lockdown vibe" for lack of a better phrase.

I'd be interested to see how your music would be impacted or, just as much, if it wasnt impacted at all by the lockdown.