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I know nothing about medicine and I’m sure that what I’m about to say has error. If they are truthful in that their vaccine in and of itself is not toxic, my guess as to the actual downside would be if their human trials were rushed and the efficacy was skewed (or worse, exaggerated), then millions (potentially billions depending on their scale) will receive a vaccine with the expectation that they are “protected”, and that not actually be the case. People smarter than I could weigh in and extrapolate the consequences of such circumstances. Again I feel the need to bookend my comment: I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. I write code for computers, but I’m fairly strong in logic, reasoning, and risk analysis. Feel free to tear my comment apart for the sake of correcting misinformation for the good of those reading this.

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So I understand this AMA is done an over, but maybe someone will see this and provide a response.

I like cool toys. CNC, 3dp, injection molding, if it deals with engineering, I’m bout it. I built a business within a different sector, but the profits it generates is being reinvested back in to grow the business. I plan to have a full production machine shop with numerous different manufacturing capabilities. I am building this machine shop not to open it for business persay, but to have the tools to develop the things I want to develop. I’ve always thought that a nonprofit machine shop that could donate production hours to solve problems would be an excellent benefit. If I have a .5m$ machine shop with all of the cool tools as well as the experience to use them to develop and manufacture useful projects, would that be beneficial to you?

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I can sorta answer this personally. I'm still in college as a junior in computer programming. I have a day job as a sysadmin, and my night job is contract work for a local startup. I don't know if you are into software work or not, but it is unbelievably hard to "drop out and develop your own software" without having either a niche market, or a pantshittingly good idea with some financial backing. I'd love to drop out and do that, but pretty much every "idea" has already been done at least 5 times. This means marketing budget has to be remarkably high. It isn't unlikely that OP has had contract work experience, but upwork is full of odd jobs that qualify as "contract work". This post is likely a marketing ploy

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I am interested in learning Quantum computing and see where that takes the human race. I have always wanted to work for NASA. It's pretty much been a life goal. As I learn more and more about quantum computing and how it can help (or hurt) the human race, I wonder what applications could be created to shape our world. How could you see Quantum applications assisting us in space exploration as the technology advances more? Congrats on all of your accomplishments! I am an aspiring programmer looking for meaningful impact. Keep it up dude!

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Every sovereign country on earth has some form of border protection. Why would the US be any different? How would ICE do their jobs (terrible or not) without data integrity? I would imagine the ending of the relationship between MongoDB and ICE would do little good for anybody...