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One of my good friends is a 5'5" girl who just completed FF training in Florida.
She's in excellent shape (was a fitness model) but if she can do it, anyone can

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Can you talk about the process you and your husband went through to start "the lifestyle"? I've often wondered how people in committed relationships become swingers. How the topic gets broached etc.

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I am trying to break into the Medical Device Sales industry and have had no luck in getting anyone to give me a second look.
The majority of my career has been spent in the transportation (vehicle rental) industry. My role was as a b2b salesperson and have been extremely successful. My previous company is one of the largest industry players and I have been in their top 5 nationally for years.

I'm extremely technically knowledgeable and worked as a race car designer at one point. It seems the Med Device industry does not understand this and I can't get anyone to actually speak with me to explain it.

Any suggestions?

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Where do you find it easiest / most difficult to draw good crowds in the US? People say the SF Bay area is one of the toughest and the smaller more isolated towns are more live-music friendly. Do you find this to be the case?

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Who's the best atheists speaker: Hitchens, Dawkins, or Sam Harris?